Aaaaand we’re back

Aaaaand we’re back

5 PAX HC’ed and 5 PAX showed. Funny, it wasn’t the same PAX that HC’ed that showed but I won’t go in to that. *non-COVID cough* Panda *non-COVID cough*.

Monday, YHC posted the newest virtual workout Garage Band and was voluntold to take a virtual Brave Q by Fire Hazard. I thought I was already on the schedule for Thursday, but when I found out it was double booked with Bucky on Q I decided to do Tuck the solid and take Friday. I had a plan in my head for the vQ everyone has been accustomed to over the past couple of months, you know the drill – the 1 or 2 min out and back run, a chair, a lifting rock, EMOM or AMRAP, OYO counts, yada, yada. I hadn’t fully fleshed it out yet when I got a message from Tuck mid-Thursday asking if I wanted to take the first SOB in person workout since the SIPO! Because phase 2 is starting today, he and Mario had decided on opening The Brave. I, of course, happily accepted with a “Hell Yeah”! I drew up a Wienke that would honor COVID distancing and would still live up to The Brave standard of 4 miles and some grueling work.

I tried to turn in early because I haven’t gotten up at 0445 since before the SIPO and did NOT want to miss this (especially since I was Q). I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned and ran variations of my Wienke through my head trying to decide on the perfect 1st return workout. I probably got 4 hours total when my alarm went off and I was off like a shot. Couldn’t wait to get out there.

I arrived at The Gibson and Taco Stand was already there. Wingman and Tuck joined us soon after. YHC delivered the disclaimer, including half of the new COVID parts of it. Tuck reminded everyone if they were sick to go home. Mario came in hot, his first steps out of the car were to run with us down BC toward Stonecrest.


Warmup? It’s The Brave. We ran! Warmup…

  • Run a half mile to the entrance of Thornhill
  • 10 Merkins
  • Run a half mile to the bottom of Murderhorn
  • 10 Merkins
  • Run up the Murderhorn in to Stonecrest to the side lot of Regal Theater
  • Using the hill there 7’s with Burpees and Squats


With very wet shoes from the hill, take a run to those first building in the giant Stonecrest parking lot. I think there’s some restaurants there? Here we did 7 of diamonds around the entire Stonecrest lot. It was more of a 7 of long rectangulars, but you get the gist. From that corner, to the end of Target, to the far end of the lot from Target, back to the steps coming down from Firebirds, and back to start. Each loop was over a half mile.

  • 7 burpees x 4 corners
  • 14 4 count flutter kicks x 4 corners
  • 21 merkins x 4 corners
  • 28 squats x 4 corners

The last loop we had to cut a little short for time. Instead of running all the way back to the start end of the lot, we ran back to the corner of the lot nearest Target.

We finished with about 10 minutes to get back to launch. YHC was the 6 but would have been on time had his shoe not come untied on the run back.


  • I covered most of it at the top here, but it was very exciting to get back out there in person and see other PAX.
  • There was some great 2nd F at the end of the workout. Discussion of smoking meats, giant cutting boards used as plates, trucks and plasti-dipped wheels.
  • 30 minutes of talking after the workout showed how much of a missing component this has been for everyone.
  • Thanks Taco Stand for taking us out, and for hanging with me as the 6 for the run back to launch.
  • Thanks Tuck for the opportunity to lead.
  • Great work coming out strong Wingman, leaving everyone behind for most of the diamond routine.
  • Thanks Mario for the bachelor lifestyle stories of not owning any plates because you only eat off of a cutting board.

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