The 40 Year Old Virtual Virgin Q Birthday Preblast

  • When:04/11/2020
  • QIC: Lorax

The 40 Year Old Virtual Virgin Q Birthday Preblast

I guess it’s time to pad the F3 resume and add virtual Q to my “skills”.  I’ll check back afterwards to see if anyone has offered any endorsements.  Unfortunately I’ve only participated in one of these, but Bucky did a fine job so we’ll see how this goes.  Find a home base somewhere where you can have access to:

  1. Rock, dumbell, etc for curls, tricep extensions, overhead press and skullcrushers
  2. Wall, chair, bench for dips, step-ups
  3. 1-2 minute run route for a few out and backs.
  4. To keep with Rock Zero fashion, I’ll be having a non-virtual bourbon virtually for anyone who would like to join.



Imperial Walker x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Parker Peter x 10 IC


The Thang – some 40s

In each round, you will perform each exercise x 10, 4 times through, or a total of 40 of each exercise.  After each round, run out 1 minute and back.

Round 1


Alternating Shoulder Taps

Rock Curls


  • Run, Calf Raises waiting on six


Round 2

Wide Arm Merkin

Plank Jack

Rock Tricep Extension


  • Run, Dips waiting on six


Round 3

Carolina Dry Docks

Makhtar Ndiaye

Rock Press


  • Run, Al Gore waiting on six


Round 4

Diamond Merkin

10 Second hold low plank

Rock Skullcrusher

Romanian Deadlift

  • Run, Monkey Humpers waiting on six


Mary (same format)


Freddy Mercury


American Hammer


I’ll put the Zoom link in slack in the Virtual 1st F channel.



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