Somebody Count, Damn It

Somebody Count, Damn It

Bout Time ran in. Cheese Curd pre-ran about 3. The rest of us slackers drove in and put in a solid 45 of hard work. No handshakes, or fist bumps for that matter. We resorted to elbow bumps and Runstopper getting within the 6 foot danger zone of the Q. Weird times we are living in. Short disclaimer provided. Off we go.


Mosey down the thoroughfare between Tartarus and the off-limits football field to Stairwell 3. Ascend said stairwell to level 4. Circle up.


Merkin x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

This is where I forget what the heck I called and got a little mad at the pax. As I counted cadence to the forgotten exercise, I had no idea what number we were on because no one was counting. I may have lost my cool just a tad. That’s where the title originated. Pax mentioned Angry Q and made reference to Champagne, who was not in attendance. He is working a weight program in his garage. With his fern.

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey over to Stairwell 1 and descend to ground level. Continue mosey to the circular benches with the CCHS emblem in the middle. Get into People’s Chair while the Q explains the set.

Triple Towers

Bench Set: 10 Jump Up/10 Derkin/10 Dips

Run to Stairwell 3. Ascend to level 4. 7 Burpees. Run back to benches. Plank-o-rama.

Run to Stairwell 2. Ascend to level 4. 7 Double Merkin Burpees. Back to benches. Plank-o-rama to include Low Plank Jacks for Haze

Run to Stairwell 1. Ascend to level 4. 7 Triple Merkin Burpees. Back to benches. Plank to regroup.

Mary. Assorted exercises.

Mosey back to Stairwell 3. Partner up.

Partner 1 ascend to level 4. 10 Jump Squat. Back down. Partner 2 does called exercise until P1 gets back. 3 rounds: Flutter, Carolina Dry Dock, Heels to Heaven.

Back up Stairwell 3 to level 4. Mosey over to Stairwell 1.

Mary: High Flutter x 25 IC/Dolly x 25 IC/Freddie Mercury x 25 IC/LBC x 25 IC

I shouldn’t even put IC behind these exercises. Again, the pax decided not to count and I had to use the title. You had one job, men.

Mosey back to launch. Done



Good to have co-site Q Margo back out. He has been dealing with some knee stuff. Never fun. He brought the shovel flag.

Snuka retired his gloves. Finally

Cheese Curd is a sucker for the personal invite, admittedly. Always good to have him amongst the pax. As noted above, he pre-ran.

Bout Time reminds YHC of a machine. Pre-run in, consistent hard work for 45, run home. The beauty of youth. He’s in pretty solid shape, so that helps too

Runstopper wore shorts and no sleeves. You know its warm with that outfit. He was YHC’s partner and we may have perfected the elbow bump.

Thunder Road put in a solid 45, as usual. His daughter’s soccer, like YHC’s son’s, is on the shelf. Damn novel corona.

Chelms has a few ailments that linger, but the dude is tough, and told his body he was posting anyway. Deal with it. Form looked good today. Probably the best in all of Area 51.

Brilleaux rolled in with 9 seconds to spare. Typical, unless he has the Q.

Lorax…oh wait, Lorax was home doing taxes. Missed you out there today

Haze rolled in his new truck. That thing is sharp. Have had the pleasure of accompanying him on some of his training rucks the past few weeks in preparation for the Bataan Death March in New Mexico this Sunday. He put in 36 training rucks with a high mileage of 16. Definitely ready for the event…and it got canceled, like everything else. Sorry brother.

Friday the 13th. Probably the weirdest one I can remember with all the doings surrounding the corona virus.

7 years for Centurion. This is the closest to my house and has felt like my “home” workout since I first posted in 2013. Thanks to the site-Q’s: Chelms, Escargot, Margo, Udder and to all the workout Q’s and pax who have posted. Great AO.

Reminder: count for your Q. Hard to call cadence and the count at the same time. At least for YHC. Got all flustered and maybe a bit angry. All good though.

Stay safe and healthy, men. Help those around you. We are seeing an individualistic response in the face of uncertainty. Most are out for numero uno when it comes to provisions, supplies, toilet paper. Collectivism will be required to get through this and save lives. Like we do at our workouts, look out for those around you. Neighbors, coworkers, etc. If you have a stockpile of water, TP, whatever, share it with those who don’t. This will pass, what will remain are the ramifications of the response.


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Chelms aka Tatertot
1 year ago

As I was the F3 man with most years in F3 in the PAX today, I apologize for all of us. We had 1 job (count) and we failed.

However, you forgot my announcement. Free firewood at 3912 Brinton, 28226. Help me get rid of all the excess. Ash and Tulip Poplar burn good and Sweet Gum is ok. It is green so should be perfect for next fall.

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