Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue

On a freezing cold morning in South Charlotte, Nine Brave Pax made there way to Gumby. Here’s what we got into:

Warm up

  • Start out with Devotion (Lamentations 3:21-26)
  • Warm up
  • 20 SSH
  • 20 IW
  • 3 Delayed Merkins (Hold at Plank and six inches
  • Down to Cat Cow (5 times)
  • Side Bends (5 Breaths) L/R

The main thing

  • Mountain
  • Sun salutation (X4)
    • Arms reaching overhead
    • Full fold (heavy body)
    • Up to halfway lift
    • Into plank
    • Down into up dog/Cobra
    • Move into Down dog (Walk the Dog)
    • Step into Lunge, then move into full fold
    • From full fold to mountain
  • Back to Mountain
  • Begin Sun Salutation until Plank
  • Warrior 1
  • Warrior 2
  • Peaceful Warrior (Repeat warrior flow on other side)
  • Warrior 3
  • Starfish
  • In mountain, beginning balance poses
  • Begin with Tree (right leg up, then flapjack)
  • On your six,
  • Right leg in, reach for your left (switch)
  • Both legs out and reach
  • Butterfly- sitting tall, pushing your legs with your elbows in order to open up your hips (5 breaths)
  • Pigeon, (finally!) both sides
  • One Legged Wind Remove- both sides
  • Dead Pigeon both sides
  • ┬áCorpse pose
  • Review Devotion again
  • Done!


F3 Dads this Sunday- This Sunday at 3pm Polo Ridge Elementary school 11830 Tom Short Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277. Bring the kids, and bikes hover boards and whatever else!

Chopper is on Q next week!


A great group of regulars this morning on what was a cold day. Most folks seemed to wimp out on the pre-run with the exception of two brave souls (Tclaps Julep and Jello).

The flow was a classic one- that’s been used before seemed everyone’s IT bands were hurtin, as there were early calls for Pigeon (especially Beaver- he got REALLY into Pigeon today).

Music today was classics from the 1990s- everyone seemed to be into it, especially when we hit Wonderwall. Also food for thought- with the Turn of the decade the 1990 is the same distance away as 2050 is (what???)


Thanks again guys for the opportunity to lead!

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