Leg Busted, Shoulder Broke, But the Show MUST go on!

Leg Busted, Shoulder Broke, But the Show MUST go on!

The “Udder Commit” is becoming synonymous with well intended absence, and RockZero was not in any way impervious to the nippled one’s lack of consistency.  The story told to me was Geraldo saying “remember you have Q this weekend” and Udder saying “awwww crap…”  Thankfully, after driving Mr. Daisey for years, YHC is well acclimated to these shenanigans and thusly able to adapt on the fly.  Truth be told, YHC wanted a January Q slot anyways so this was quite serendipitous, but don’t tell Udder, it will ruin the joke.  To make the long story longer, despite my numerous injuries, I fell on the sword of volunteerism and accepted the mantle of Grand Poobah for the greatest AO in all of southland.

7 Strong PAX gathered thusly under the lightening sky to see about gaining some strength and giving hell to a porpoise.  Following a creative yet nonetheless Mermaid approved disclaimer, the weinke proceeded to unwind….


Mosey down from the cars, around the corner, back up the drag strip and then around into the first parking lot for…



Low Slow Squat X20 IC

Low Slow Merkin X20 IC


Mosey to the grassy knoll courtyard for a series of exercises in various orders but summarily described as a combination of peoples leg lifts, merkins, bear crawls, lunge walks, reverse lunge walks and a hole helluva lot of plank.  This took approximately 20 minutes.  The PAX particularly hated “legs up the wall” crunches and the plank exercise YHC fondly refers to “knee boxes.”


Mosey across the lot towards the hotbox to retrieve 2 previously stashed 60 lbs. sandbags (insert mumble chatter regarding surprise that Flipper brought coupons) for various pulls, lifts, and throws interspersed with more planking and air chair.


Mosey to hotbox wall for peoples chair and 40 lbs. slam balls for “pass the heavy object” including overhead presses and slams.  Work in some balls to the walls and call me in the morning.


Mosey into the hotbox for Little Hazes, shoulder taps and some elevator merkins.


Pick up the coupons and share the pain as we moseyed back to the cars.  Circle up for some ‘Merican Hammers and done!



YHC is always grateful for an opportunity to lead the PAX of A51, especially at this venue.  This week I am doubly grateful for the patience and understanding these 6 men had for my low mileage bootcamp absurdly focused on core and lower body.  Seems with a bumb leg and a bumb shoulder, YHC forgot how to Q anything else?

Hopper took the disclaimer to heart and modified aggressively, as did YHCs favorite Chicagoan.  That being said, somebody needs to show his jumpiness proper air squat form, pretty sure it doesn’t involve a 90 degree bend from the waist…

Donkey Kong showed up with very strong verbal fitness, spouting nearly belligerent mumble chatter any time he could get his breath under control.  Also, he continues to posses the most uncannily fluid bearcrawl YHC has ever seen (sorry Dear Abby.)

Geraldo and Ductwork did as they always do, strong silent types no longer need apply as the job is amply filled.  Geraldo even completed his “peoples burpees” with nary a complaint.

OT, where to start, the man is a rock of sarcastic wit.  Also, he has a sore hamstring.  Just ask him.  He’ll tell you. At least 20 times a workout. Seriously…


At the end of all of this silliness, I do want to share something a bit more serious.  This time of year is a struggle for all of us (well the human PAX anyways).  The weather is crappy, the temperatures are often on the down right cold side, the days are unreasonably short.  So many excuses to stay in the fartsack.  So many socially acceptable reasons not to post.  As I shared with the PAX during COT, don’t let the excuses win.  Find a PAX to hold you accountable.  Make a commitment, and keep it.  If you’re one of those inhuman PAX who works out consistently even within the arctic circle, be an accountability partner and offer your shield lock to those who are less consistent.  And when somebody Udder Commits to you, be tolerant and understanding, but roast him mercilessly in your back blast so he knows he is on notice, and then invite him to commit again, and again, and again.


Men, I love what F3 means to me, and what it means to each of you.  I see the power in my life each and every day, and its because of the support and friendship of the PAX who make this amazing family what it is.  I love you guys, and I am not afraid to say it.


Flipper Out

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4 years ago

Sounds like a terribly awesome workout. Thanks for stepping up Flipper, sorry I missed it.

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