Did you hear the one about Bucky and the 2 Cooters?

Did you hear the one about Bucky and the 2 Cooters?

3 posted on a chilly morn at the Fishing Hole for what was promised to be low mileage and high intensity.  Here’s what went down after no disclaimer was disclaimed as there were no FNGs in sight:


Mosey the long way around the football stadium and up the parking deck ramps and circled up for:

*LSS x 15

*Windmill X 15

*Hillbilly X 15

*Little arm circles X 15 each way

*Plank up and stretch calves (is that the plural form of calf?) – Left, then right – this one’s for Bucky

*Mountain Climber X 15


#1 – Mosey down to the bottom floor where YHC explained that we’re going down so we can go back up.

*Up to level 4 = 3 burpees

*Down to level 3 = 3 heels to heaven

*Down to level 2 = 3 merkins

*Down to the bottom again = 3 jump squats

-Rinse and repeat adding 1 rep to each exercise until we ended at lucky 7.


#2 – Mosey to the rock pile and pick out your favorite lifting rock – watch out for winter snakes!

*curls, then presses, then overhead extensions for 10 count each

-repeato por favor with 9 reps of each and continue until 1 rep.  Drop your rock.


#3 – Mosey back across campus to the little wall:

*30 dips

*20 step ups (10 each leg)

*10 derkins

*Run to the school and back.  Rinse and repeat with 25, 15, and 5 reps, respectively.


#4 – Mosey back to launch for some Mary and time was called.



YHC got there per the usual 5 minutes before launch and almost ran head on into Bucky who was driving in circles asking “where’s the parking lot”?  Bucky was received with open arms by Cooter, Sr. and Cooter, Jr. as this was Bucky’s first time posting at The Fishing Hole.  Over the holidays he spent some time dunkin’ on some fools and pulled his right calf muscle.  So the Fishing Hole was just what Bucky’s doctor ordered – low mileage and high intensity (although you’d never guess he was injured as YHC spent most of the time trying to keep up with him…).  Working out with 2 other PAX in freezing weather offers up a unique opportunity to bond with some bros and the mumble chatter was heavy.  Cooter, Sr. starts his new job at Vanguard on Monday and is excited to take his next career step.  Good luck to you and good work out there this morning!

It was my pleasure to lead again.  Thank you for the opportunity!



*Keep Chopper in your prayers (we missed you today, Buddy) as he had his prostate biopsy yesterday and is recovering and waiting for some answers.

*Keep Doc McStuffins in your prayers as he has an upcoming heart surgery.

*One year ago yesterday YHC had his last surgery related to his tumor.  God is good!  Romans 8:28

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