You do know New Year’s resolutions start January 1st right?

You do know New Year’s resolutions start January 1st right?

YHC just knew that this morning Rebel Yell would continue the trend of large crowds and then some with this being the first workout after New Year’s and all.  With 2 minutes to launch there was about 4 guys then as we got closer to 5:30 the number bumped up to 9.  I am going to go with the fact that guys were still out of town or still on holiday time.  Me thinks next week will be the start of big numbers.  Nevertheless the 9 PAX that said to heck with the fartsack were ready to get after it.  After a disclaimer here is what went down.

The Thang:

Moseyed to parking lot in between HT and CFA for warm up.  SSH, IW, Hillbilly’s and Mtn Climbers.  One resolution YHC wants to add to his regimen is more stretching.  So we did some sort of yoga stretch that C3PO brought out at Davinci last week and then finished off with some calf stretching.  From here we crossed Rea to the parking deck at Brown Bag.  Unfortunately The Bag was not open so we could not get a steak sandwich so instead we did a round of 7’s.  Starting on the bottom level we did 6 Donkey Kicks, up the stairs to the other end of the parking lot for 1 burpee.  Run down back to the bottom for 5 DK and then up for 2 burpees, repeato until we finished with 1 DK and 6 burpees.  Long Haul ordered 6 inches until all were done.

From here we headed to the office along Ballantyne Commons ( I think it is an arthritis consultant) that has a great rock pile.  Heard a couple of PAX note that they had not been here and was a rarely explored area of RY.  Very true and should be utilized more.  The PAX partnered up and grabbed a lifting rock between them.  P1 started curls while P2 ran to the other end of the parking lot and bear crawled one of the parking lot sections.  Flapjack until 100 total curls…wait check that.  The PAX was flying through these so bump that to 120. Then P1 did triceps while P2 ran to the other end of the lot for 10 plank jacks…120 total.  Final round was P1 doing overhead presses while P2 ran to the boulder pile and cranked out 8 derkins…120 total.

Moseyed back to launch stopping midway for Hot Yoga and Mic Check to call a couple of Mary exercises.  Back to launch 1 minute past…sorry fellas for going long.


You would have thought that this was YHC’s VQ because I kept making so many audibles.  I had my weinke all laid out (huh huh) but the parking deck 7’s took a little longer than I thought.  So I scrambled some of my exercises up to make sure that I got the ones in that I wanted to.  And I was going to go with 120 reps at first but thought that I needed to shorten for time…should have known with this group to keep the bar high.  Then I had the PAX start to put their rocks back after 2 rounds of partner work but then 2nd guessed and decided that we had enough time to get a 3rd round in.  Thanks to Wingman for pointing these out and keeping me from getting a big ol Q head.

Nice work by all.  The day after New Year’s is a tough one to motivate for but YHC hopes that you got your money’s worth.  Observations: Long Haul stayed at the front with YHC to keep him company but I think that I was holding him back.  Amazing that at 50+ he stays at the front and doesn’t appear tired when all is done.  Not enough T-claps can be given to Loogie for posting and gutting it out with his shoulder hurting.  He is the epitome of working through the pain and still improving.  I am in awe.  It is well known that Mic Check has some of the best exercise form in all of SOB land but apparently his warning form needs work.  The PAX grumbled as Mic Check called out bumps and other hazards after they had already gone past them.  Hot Yoga is a man of few words but he knocks it out each and every time.  RY will look to get you on the Q calendar soon.  Swine Flu is a model of consistency posting both in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd F’s.  Thank you for becoming a pillar in SOB.  Cooter (2) has made it back from his leg health scare to be better than ever.  Impressive drive through that and awesome to see you back in the fold and then some.  As noted above thanks to Wingman for leading the mumblechatter charge.  I honestly think that mumblechatter is what makes our workouts fun and keeps guys coming out.  This was YHC’s last week as site Q of RY.  YHC would like to thank Olaf for being a site Q with me and being invaluable in keeping RY the best AO on Thursdays at the corner of Elm and Ballantyne Commons.

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4 years ago

Thanks for all your work as RY Site Q, War Eagle!

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