Stretching by Number

Stretching by Number

11 lumps of clay posted at Gumby with hopes of becoming more pliable like the AO namesake. This being 7 days before Christmas, a 12 Days of Christmas was considered, but some things just don’t translate well to broga. Consideration was also given to just recycling the past weinke (or three), but sometimes, Santa just wants a brand new bag. So, YHC pulled out the ole “Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga”, which incidentally was not in my pocket, and we proceeded to limber up by number, err, by picture.

Disclaimer: YHC is sooo not a professional and can hardly do half the stuff we’ll attempt today. Follow at your own risk. #buyerbeware

The Thang

COP (aka warmup)

Savasannah (aka just lie there like a corpse)

Devotional – Luke 1:36-38, CSB (aka The Holman)

Page 12 – Spinal warm-up, prone

  • Cat & cow
  • Child’s pose
  • Lateral child’s pose
  • Thread the needle

Pages 21-23 – Sun Salutations with Lunges

  • Salutation
  • Forward fold
  • Half fold
  • Forward fold
  • High lunge
  • High plank – low plank – high plank (#merkin)
  • Up dog
  • Down dog
  • High lunge
  • High plank – low plank – high plank x2 (#merkins)
  • Down dog
  • Forward fold
  • Salutation

Pages 41-42 – Lunge Series

  • Low lunge with groin stretch
  • Crescent lunge
  • Lunge with prayer twist
  • Runner’s lunge (#notarunners welcome too), toes down
  • Runner’s lunge, toes up
  • Repeato all, other side

Pages 47-48 – IT band flow

  • Cow-face fold
  • Half Lord of the Fishes
  • Lunge with groin stretch
  • Standing spread-legged forward fold, with twists
  • Lunge with groin stretch
  • Cow-face fold
  • Half Lord of the Fishes

Page 53 – lower leg stretches

  • Kneeling Achilles stretch
  • Front ankle stretch
  • Toe stretch
  • Repeato on the other side

Page 45 – Pigeon

Savasannah (#corpse)

Devotional – encore – Luke 2:1-20



  • Gumby is on vacation until January 8th
  • Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve convergences – watch for details

Pliable Moleskinne:

Big group today, more so than YHC expected anyway, and some new-to-YHC faces as well.  YHC’s yoga/broga practice has fallen off of late (so much so that I asked Swiss Miss to temporarily remove me from the go-forward Q roster), so it was good to see the both the quantity and quality of posting pax.  YHC forgot his yoga mat, so the fresh faces were introduced to YHC’s ginormous, plush Turkish Getup mat, last used at Gumby by Fireman Ed.  It got the job done, despite some slippage during downward dogs.

Musically accompaniment today was by Trans-Siberian Orchestra for all but the last two songs, which were by the United States Air Force Singing Sergeants choir.  #MerryChristmas

Thanks for following along today.  Great seeing familiar faces, including several #respects, and meeting new ones.

Merry Christmas, all!


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