I don’t think the heavy stuff’s gonna come down for quite a while.

I don’t think the heavy stuff’s gonna come down for quite a while.

While enjoying my coffee on Friday morning, I got a text from Hops looking for a substi-Q so he could enjoy all that the SOB Holiday party had to offer. I checked the weather before agreeing to it – 52 and slight chance of rain. Alright, I’m in. Same forecast when I went to bed and even when I got up this morning – 40% chance of rain around 8:00. So I was a little surprised when I got outside and it was actively raining pretty hard. Surprisingly, 9 other guys showed up, equally fooled by the weather apps on their phones. It didn’t let up through the whole workout.

So we did some stuff. We started with 2 SSHs and ended 2 minutes early. See Geraldo for a refund.

Other notes:
– Purell pre-ran 6.5 miles. Insulting.
– The rain made Deep Dish’s hair a mess by the end. First time I’ve seen that.
– OT thought he had a good enough head start on one of the AYG runs, but Purell was just toying with him and blew by him with 50 yards left.
– It’s always good to have the Carlson twins there. Thanks to Slow Roll for making the drive down from up north.
– Runstopper’s post-workout vest was disturbing.

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4 years ago

Solid workout Gummy. 4 miles on the nose. Pert near perfect conditions. Runstopper’s coffeeteria outfit was a winner. Great way to start a Saturday.

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