Weather is here, wish you were beautiful

Weather is here, wish you were beautiful

I won’t lie. As I drove to the AO in the 38 degree temps and the rain was coming down, I was secretly hoping no one would show and I could go back to the fartsack. No such luck as Big 10 pulled into the parking lot right behind me. Time to man up and get Diesel!

The Thang:

DiCCS given. Everyone (ha! all 3 of us) grab a pair of dumbbells which will be your workout partner for the majority of the morning.

1 minute each:

  • Lunges (with dumbbells)
  • Mountain Climbers (with dumbbells)
  • Speed Skaters (with dumbbells)
  • Low Slow Squats (with dumbbells)
  • Merkins (with dumbbells)
  • Curls (with dumbbells)
  • Tricep Extensions (with dumbbells)
  • Lateral Raises (with dumbbells)
  • Burpees (with a dumbbell raise instead of a jump)
  • Carolina Dry Docks (with dumbbells)

Taking a wee break from the dumbbell action, one PAX grabs the concrete bucket and takes a lap around the island and back. Meanwhile the other PAX grab a slam ball and alternate arms lifting and slamming. Rotate PAX on buckets and slam balls. Repeato

Back to the dumbbells with the same set as above, only this time adding in a round of Man Makers. Crowd favorite right there…

One more round of buckets and balls and we’re done.


The weather was pretty nasty this morning. I modified my workout a fair amount to keep us off the ground. Initially had a fair amount of ground work and that sounded miserable (beyond our normal stupidity) so we modified.

As both Big 10 and Draper will attest, Diesel is not a “no cardio” AO. It’s low impact (no jumping or slamming of the joints) and there’s no running, but we definitely elevated our heart rates this morning. Arms and shoulders will definitely feel it today and tomorrow.

Holiday party reminder – Tomorrow @ Lawson Clubhouse

Brutus on Q next week

YHC took us out

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