Flu SubstiQ

Flu SubstiQ

Apparently a certain pax missed the post that Target will pay you (yes, PAY YOU) $5 to come get a flu shot. I received a text from Carb Load yesterday afternoon saying he had come down with Flu like symptoms and needed to bow out of today’s Q (Hope you feel better Carb). With Rudy recently Substi Q’ing for triple B (bad back banjo), and the likelyhood of Banjo getting out of bed in below freezing temps unlikely, I figured it was my time to step up and take the helm.

I arrive early having planned nothing. I sat in my car by myself in a daze contemplating if anyone will show….thinking of how depressing the COT pic would be with just one person in it…..then, all of a sudden a car. Wait, its just Rudy dropping off the site flag before he bolts to Dromedary. Maybe no one will show……Wait, another car. Dough boy to save the day! Oh no….I’ve sat in my warm car contemplating if anyone will show instead of planning the wienke….ok quick….what can I do….Another car, and another, and another. 5 brave souls in all showed in this 26 degree weather. I had to make it worth there time for fighting and winning against the fart sack monster (I heard today was an especially tough battle). I also wanted to keep us warm…so with that…disclaimer and we are off.


Hot lap around the parking lot stopping along the way for exercises that I knew would get the blood flowing. 15 Jump Squats. 20 Toe Taps. Keep running to the cinder block pile. Grab a block and hold it over your head while you lunge walk towards my car. Seemed closer when we were running there but when you are lunge walking, all of a sudden it seemed really far. Modify half way to cars with curls.


Press and hold 11’s. 10 presses and 1 hold. 9 and 2. Down to 1 press and 10 hold. This burnt the shoulders up quite well.

Cinderblocks on the curb for foot release squats. The 2 inches of curb along with the 6″ of cinderblock makes for just the right height for this. you legs go slightly below parallel so you get a good burn on the up.

It was at this time that I realized the sweat we built up was starting to ice over. Time to get moving. Hot lap around the parking lot.

Back to Cinderblocks for AMRAP. 10 Curls. 10 Presses. 10 Sumo Squats. 10 Bent Over Rows. Hot lap. As may as you could do in 10 minutes. Surprisingly (to me anyways) Doughboy led the pack with Ricky Bobby quickly on his heels. Draper still recovering from Plantar Faciatis cussed me silently from the rear having to run on the still tender foot. But little did he know, I can read minds so I heard everything (Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?).

Grabbed some weights out of the car for some circuits.

Circuit 1: Curls w 27lb bar. Cinderblock squat jump. Curls with 25 lb dumbbells. Cinderblock foot release squat. Hammer Curl with 30 lb dumbbell. Double Cinderblock lunge walk for the timer (also secretly knew this was going to be a forearm burner)

Circuit 2: 27lb bar press. Cinderblock Row. 25 lb Dumbell press. Cinderblock row. 30 lb dumbell press (yikes). I think we all felt the 30 lb press. Timer was when both rowers hit 20 reps.

Getting cold. Hot lap. Cars coming in for bible study…modify to shorter lap to stay away from cars but do it twice to get same distance. (Ok ok ok, I get it Draper).

Circuit 3: Upright row with 27 lb bar. Cinderblock swings. Upright row with 25 lb dumbell. Cinderblock swings. Upright row with 35 lb keddle bell.

10 minutes left. My mind went blank. What do we do. What do I do….hmmm, I will do what any good Q does…. “Hey pax, do you have a body part you really want to work out?” Ricky Bobby “Abs” Really? Abs. Q overide. Hell no. Its 26 degrees and I don’t want to lay on the cold ground…not to mention Foundation tried his best to reenact the Alien movie on me yesterday at his Q (You know where the alien comes out of the guys stomach – at least that’s what my abs felt like during the final 3 minutes). Dough Boy “Calves”. Calves? I mean, ok…better than laying on the ground. Jack Webb ladder….presses for the 1 and curb calf raise for the 4. Finished with about 2 minutes to go.

Head towards transformer with your blocks and do your favorite exercise. Apparently the pax really love curls. I did a mix of curls and tried doing some overhead tricep presses but learned that’s not easy to do with cinderblocks. Jog back to car just in time for 6:15.


Thanks to those that braved the elements and came out today. If you layer up, its really not that bad. I suggest two layers for legs, feet, and arms. A good pair of thick gloves and a toboggan. I really never got cold today….which is saying something considering we were stationary lifting cold metal weights and cinderblocks for most of the Q. Don’t be a pansy. Dress appropriately and get out to the workouts.

Thanks for Dough Boy for being the first to arrive and jog me out of my day dreaming state to actually start planning.

Chainsaw rolling in with style. We were all impressed until we heard it was his wifes car and he only had it as he was told she needed gas and it was too cold for her to get out to get it.

Cinderblocks were frozen together….that’s a first. Thanks to Dough Boy for stepping in and quickly prying them apart. I was just standing there staring at them thinking my heat vision would magically warm them up.

Until next time….Fuse Box out.

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