A Case of the Mondays

A Case of the Mondays

8 pax rolled into Elizabeth Lane on a chilly (mid-30s) November morning to attack round 12 of the Total Tension Strength program. We started week 5 with our press pyramid.


  • Hard style elbow plank – 2 x 0:30
  • Hollow body hold – 2 x 0:30
  • Glute bridge – 2 x 0:30

Main Thang:

  • Double clean x 1
  • Double press x 1 (going up by 1 rep per round until you get to 6-8 reps without sacrificing form)
  • Double front squat x 1
  • Renegade row x 1 per side

Chaser: 100 double swings in sets of 10-20

Cool-down: hard style elbow plank x 0:30


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  • A solid crew for the coldest morning we’ve had in a while at Meathead. The bells (and Hoover’s barbell) were ice cold, but the workout provided plenty of heat.
  • Purell ran a sub-7:00 pace pre-run, which is just absurd. Tiger Rag is nursing some shoulder/collar bone issues, so he opted for a 7+ mile run to and from the workout (also at a sub-7:00 pace). He did join us for the warm-up, but I think that was just so he could heckle Header and Chin Music. #religiousintolerance
  • Without Tiger Rag or Horsehead, the mumblechatter was lighter and tended to stay within the pairs. That’s not always a bad thing when you’re holding 70-100 pounds over your head.
  • Speaking of which, most of the pax I spoke to (YHC included) had a bit of a case of the Mondays. The weights felt heavier and didn’t go up as easily. I think Purell ended up doing half my reps for me with some timely spotting. Hopefully we can shake off the cobwebs in time for Thursday’s squat pyramid.

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