Olde Providence Elementary Center For Children Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

Olde Providence Elementary Center For Children Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

Despite forecasts of a cataclysmic F5 Tornado by Brad Panovich and a community uprising to cancel or postpone a centuries-old holiday tradition of dressing like an imbecile and rotting our teeth out, a collection of “lucky 13” pax gathered in the steambath that is South Charlotte in late October to start our Halloween the old fashioned way… by participating in a bootcamp that would surely be a “Thriller”. Our Special Guest, Derek Zoolandar, arrived looking really, really ridiculously good-looking and ready to lead the pax on a neighborhood tour of holiday decorations (but we only made left-hand turns). Let’s party…

1.     COP in bus lot

o    IW.s

o    LSS.

o    Mtn Climbers

o    True Americans (6-ct)

  • SSH (accelerate)
  • Commence tour of Chadwyck Farms…

o    Plank, Mary, Regroup

·         10 squats and 10 True Americans – run to the inflatable skeleton

o    Plank, Mary, Regroup

·         20 squats and 20 True Americans – run to the purple tombstone

o    Plank, Mary, Regroup

·         Triple Nickle (up to spider web and back)

o    10 SMCs at the bottom

o    10 CDDs at the top

  • Huddle for assignment – Mission: Petty Vandalism

·         Sprint back to first inflatable, then return to start with various Plank/Mary/Merkin stops to regroup

  • 3 minutes of Mary
  • 10 burpees OYO
  • Dunskies


  • Slingshot was prompt and diligent in his 3rd-ever F3 post… seems to be drinking the F3 Koolaid by the gallon
  • IHOP made his 2nd appearance ever (the 1st being 6 years ago). We look forward to having you back out in 2025
  • One Eye seems to have gone for a pre- and post- run, but hey, what else does the slacker have to do during his “garden leave” funemployment (congrats on the new gig!)
  • Queen looked 20 years younger with his clean-shaven babyface… (now if he can only borrow some muscles for his “Mr. Clean” Halloween costume)
  • Pop Tart is the only pax who appears to have gotten the memo that today was Halloween… but something tells me he didn’t have to dig too far into his wardrobe to dig out a mullet and wifebeater
  • Hopper was the only “respect”able pax in attendance. Congrats. (Each morning this side of the dirt is a blessing.)
  • Marge was crushing it up front on the hill work while counting down the days until his dude’s trip to Scotland (246)
  • Puddin’ Pop was unusually quiet today, unsupported by his 2 Trifusenik compatriots (then again, threats of rain tend to separate the men from the boys).
  • Gummy disappointed royally by leaving his purple gorilla suit at home, but he did help herd the pax through the labyrinth of Chadwyck/Wessex and ensure that we actually got back on time, so perhaps he earned his pay after all.
  • Clover, Jet Fuel & Mailman quietly and humbly put in solid work today

Our original “Special Guest” was supposed to be our beloved Cheese Curd, but he had to flake last week due to a lingering ab injury he sustained by laughing at his own jokes. In order to show him a sign of our affection, we did a bit of decoration rearranging in his yard. (Little did we know that the guy has more surveillance cameras than Fort Knox, and we were busted before we began.) Thankfully, no ghosts were harmed in the making of this post… just our relationship with Curd, which I’m willing to sacrifice.

No announcements of material significance were shared. Contact Pop Tart for details on the F3 Thanksgiving Party.

Thanks to everyone for dragging themselves out of the fartsack to enjoy a little bro-time with me this morning. YHC had been fighting the crud for almost 3 weeks, and I have to admit I really missed you guys. You always get my day started off the right way.

Purple Haze on Q next week, coming out of boot camp retirement to (in his words) give the people what they want… what they really, really want.

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