A Macabre Meathead

A Macabre Meathead

An unlucky 13 met at the Meathead Inclement Weather Location (or the MIWL), a/k/a the tennis shelter at Covenant Day School on Halloween 2019 for the 11th installment of the Total Tension program. As usual, Tiger Rag took the reins and led the pax through the following:


  • Hard style elbow plank x 2
  • Hollow body hold x 2
  • Glute bridge x 2

Main Event:

Pax partner up for the usual exercises (all performed as doubles):

  • Clean
  • Press (pyramid to 6-8 by set)
  • Squat
  • Renegade rows (plank on one bell, row the other)

Perform 100 double swings in sets of 10-20.

Cool-down with the same exercises as the warm-up.

Announcement: sign up for the Holiday Party. Migthy Mite and others have put a ton of work into it, so sign up and sign up early. It’s always a lot of fun (at least the years I’ve been able to make it).


  • It was really dark this morning, but I lifted with Young Love and Purell. Those are two strong dudes. Young Love did the whole cycle with the double 28s, which was crazy.
  • Thanks to Tiger Rag for leading us through the program this morning. The idea behind the program is simple, but the accountability provided by the Q and the pax makes a huge difference – trust me, I’ve had to make up a few workouts on my own and it wasn’t the same.
  • Tiger Rag also provided this morning’s music, the highlight of which was Hillbillies in a Haunted House by the Austin Lounge Lizards. If you’ve never heard it (who has?), you should look it up on your favorite streaming service (or YouTube). I think Horsehead lost some family members during the course of that song.
  • Extra credit for the 4 foolish pre-runners: Stone Cold, Horsehead, Purell, and Tiger Rag. To hear Purell tell it, it was Tiger Rag’s fault they ran that fast. Tiger Rag sort of agreed.
  • I’ll be at GWL on Saturday, but there should be pax at Elizabeth Lane at 6:30 for the 12th workout (plus some of TR’s other fun gear).

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Chelms aka Tatertot
4 years ago

Complacent directions or listening but with a good outcome. I was doing the pyramid with clean and press instead of just the press. Pretty sure that it what TR said.

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