Complacency leads to failure

Complacency leads to failure

YHC has been doing F3 for a long time (don’t ask how long) and learned a lesson this morning in becoming complacent. The Q is supposed be prepared, give concise directions to entire pax and make sure they understand. YHC allowed complacency to creep up that hopefully will not jeopardize our ability to work out at Calgary.

A Q should be prepared for all possible outcomes and plan accordingly. Cars driving thru a dark parking lot at 5:45 is one of those potential outcomes. As such, the Q should make sure the PAX understands that this might happen and give directions to avoid an incident. YHC briefly instructed PAX, all of whom likely were not even within ear shot distance, to place rocks off the road when not in use. As a result, a few rocks were placed in a parking spot and in a lane. Next thing we know, a car drives over one or two of said rocks and thus Lorax will be called to the principal’s office (well, preacher).

Lesson is that YHC needs to remember that planning and clear directions are necessary no matter how long one has Q’d. This one is on me and I hope others will learn from my mistake.

The Thang – 15 men gathered not withstanding the pending rain – even Spackler didn’t refusnik this one.

Warm up with 10 8 count burpees, 10 mtn climbers, 10 merkins, and 10 peter parkers.

Mosey over to middle parking lot for four corners with sprint to each corner and 10 of called exercise at each corner.

  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • LBC’s
  • Imperial walkers
  • Flutter kicks
  • Burpees (5 each corner)

Mosey to rock pile and grab a mid size rock. This was the point at which the Q should have made sure all PAX were listening clearly and acknowledged the instructions. Lunge walk with push press down to 2nd island. Sprint to 2nd light post and back. Walk to middle aisle and perform skull crushers with your rock. Sprint to 2nd basketball goal and back. Lunge walk with push press to next island and sprint to 2nd basketball goal and back. Walk to next island while doing curls and then bear crawl to first light and sprint to 2nd light and back. Walk to pavilion while doing curls.

Modified Jacobs ladder with burpees at top and squats with rock presses at the bottom. 1 to 7 (7 trips up and down) . Six minutes of mary at the end to let the heart rate come down a tad.

Carry rock back to pile with curls and lunge walks on the way. Finish with 20 sumo squats.

Run back to starting point and finish with some more mary and 1 minute of burpees.


I’m still pissed that I didn’t give better instructions. Don’t let this happen to you.

Margo is now up for rename. He tried to poke the bear with a tweet about how easy the workout would be and then didn’t get his lame ass out of bed. I think Fartsack is a good new name for him – that’s what I will call him regardless.

Strong work although the respects were out front for the most part. Young guys need more pride (and learn to get a jump start like YHC). Call Snooka or Magoo if you need some help keeping your wife/girl friend satisfied.


Coat drive ends early tomorrow (delivery at 9am) so contact me for any last minute deliveries.

Humbled to lead such a great group and learned from my failure this am

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4 years ago

That thoroughfare does get periodic cars running through. Traveling with rocks or coupons, perhaps it would be best to mention keeping them away from potential traffic when dropped in the disclaimer at the beginning of the workout. Solid workout. Shame that happened.

4 years ago

I’m still pissed I didn’t ask that guy if he turned himself in for peeling out and speeding across the parking lot after confronting us. I know I would’ve been as mad as he was but he didn’t have to act like an asshole.

4 years ago

Spackler, I’m sure the statute of limitations hasn’t passed for you to do a little citizen’s arrest. But definitely not on you Chelms. I was telling Mermaid I think we take for granted all the hundreds of workouts that go off without a hitch but something can always happen. Need to be more aware of these situations to help prevent in the future. I still haven’t heard anything from the church, so we’ll see when that happens.

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