Michael Jordan’s got nothing to do with it!

Michael Jordan’s got nothing to do with it!

11 (not 23) pax mustered prior to launch…and Pothole & Pepe rolled in after 5:30am. Area51’s resident gentleman aka Ductwork waited on our LIFO’s and ultimately 13 made it to COP down at Carmel MS.

Below is more or less what happened in this combined Moleskinny Thang for the October 28 edition of DMZ:

We ran from the launch lot down to Carmel MS and circled up.

COP consisted of IW’s, H-R merkins, staccato squats & American Hammers x 23 IC

We than ran back to the launch lot and over to New City Church where we would spend the remainder of the downpainment.

Here’s what we did…I think:

Find some wall. Walthar N’Djaiye x 23 IC. People’s Chair with overhead press x 23 IC. YHC did Titan no favors to his ailing elbow with the Walthar’s. #cobains

23 more Walthar N’Djaiye’s and then some more People’s Chair.

Mosey to the church courtyard and partner up. P1 Runs 0.2’ish miles around 2/3 of the church buildings while P2 did Flutters. Flapjack. Repeat with CDD’s and then with Step Ups/Jump Ups on the wall.

Make our way over to the deceptively painful & sloped parking lot for the following.

Burpee broad jump 50 yards. Mosey back down.

Lungewalk, Backwards lungewalk, Crab walk, Backwards crab walk, 2 AYG runs.

Run back to the launch lot for some Mary.

Freddy Mercury x 23 IC

10 Burpees oyo


So the 23 counts were for 2 reasons…the lesser of which is Wake Forest’s #23 ranking. Any ranking for the gridiron Deacs is a rarity, thus, worthy of celebrating. The more important reason is that this week, YHC and M. Hops will celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. While marriage is hard and sometimes really hard, I’m thankful to God for the gift of my wife. I often don’t treat M. Hops like the gift she is, but she chooses to love me, and I her. Love is a choice after all. Love can be defined as: the other’s best interest at your expense. Think about that in any relationship, and I think you’ll find it’s true.

And No Lorax – the 23 counts had nothing to do with Jordan. Not everything revolves around the baby blue Tarheels and their pretty argyle designer uniforms.

Here’s some other sundry observations from this morning’s proceedings:

Aquafresh is pushing himself to get back into top shape after a herniated disc. Good work.

Our WD Talkbox was getting after it this morning, as was Pothole once he found us at Carmel MS.

YHC forewarned Chalet that he wouldn’t get much mileage (2.2’ish I think today) at this bootcamp workout….he understood…I think.

Met a few pax for the first time this morning (might have something to do with the fact I rarely post at DMZ anymore — going to address that going forward): Gizzard – who’s name derivation is random and makes no sense but it’s awesome. Overdraft – who anyone could tell you, even in the morning gloom, is the spitting image of his brother Lorax. Pepe, who I’m guessing was similarly disappointed like Chalet in the lack of mileage logged. #cobains. Did I mention DMZ is a bootcamp workout? Let’s make them great again! Also met Sloppy Seconds for the first time…I think. There’s apparently a Sloppy, who I’ve met…I think. Mailman was pushing hard as well.

Good work men. Thanks to Aquafresh for asking this old site Q to dust off the Monday morning shoes. Always a privilege to Q the pax of F3.

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4 years ago

Happy anniversary Hops and M Hops!!

4 years ago

DropBox, not TalkBox. Two different pax.

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