Pork Chop, Pork Chop, Greasy, Greasy…

Pork Chop, Pork Chop, Greasy, Greasy…

12 men gathered under the excessively bright LED lights of SCMS for Death Valley.  Disclaimer was given.  Horsehead proclaimed the grass was off limits (his personal limits).  What does he take me for?  F3 Circa 2013 when we did log rolls and tunnel of love on that field?

Mosey for a bit.  COP with legs and upper body work.  Mosey down to track for 4 loops.  Loop 1:  100 Merkins.  Loop 2: 100 Lunges.  Loop 3:  100 Heels to Heaven.  Loop 4:  50 Burpees. 

To the ballfields for 100 supine pull ups and 100 dips.

To Semi-Gloss’s office for wall sit.  Full hot lap down and around track and back to wall sit.


Moles:  Early complaints about the hundred merkins for  Loop 1.  Mostly from those with sunken chests you know who you are, and like a poker game, if you can’t figure out who at the table is the chump – then you are the chump. 

Complaints were more specific on the call for 50 burpees around the track.  It was dark so I will give you all full credit.  You know what you did. 

Tulip, D-Wood, Chin Music and Header saved some gas in the tank for that last sprint around the track.  Actually I think Chin Music had the gas and Header just chased with everything he had as the thought of getting left behind with no one to talk to frightened him. 

Smokey kept the hat on the whole time.  That’s how he shows the Q he is unimpressed with the level of difficulty of the workout.

Champagne both HC’ed and Posted.  Appreciated. 

O’Tannenbaum was a bit behind schedule but he regaled us with the Pork Chop cheer so all is forgiven. 

Announcements:  Bring coats and sign up for Christmas Party on 11/22.

Thanks to Smokey for a solid takeout, and the invitation to Q.



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