No Shortcuts for Singles or Doubles

No Shortcuts for Singles or Doubles

14, no 18, PAX took to the friendly confines of Ballantyne Corporate Park this morning for extending their running Strength for the weekly running workout known as Swift.


  • Full PreBlast –
  • Warm-up jog
  • Drills / Exercises with a reminder that it’s not a JOG after the drill, but an ACCELERATION to get the legs turning over quicker.
  • Option 1 – “Doubles” – 14min at MP-10, 6min recovery. Complete 2 rounds. Regroup during each recovery.
  • Option 2 – “Singles” – 7min at MP-10, 3min recovery. Regroup during each recovery and start Intervals #1 and #3 with the Doubles group.
  • Recovery or push more back to COT.
  • Arrive slightly late to COT.


  • Read the PreBlast for more intention on the workout.
  • As YHC has been trying to give feedback to the multiple Qs over these past months, it should be said that YHC is not ever perfect in execution as a Q. You can always look to improve. Here are the areas where YHC can improve.
    • Was the Marathon Pace-10 the ONLY prescription for this workout or can more direction be given? The Haggis & Tiger Rag group was pushing more towards a faster 10k pace, it was difficult, but it was a fair workout given the recovery time. Perhaps better direction can be given on when YHC takes the Hanson workout (the plan several of the Philly guys are doing), modifies it for the Swift group (usually by making it time-based and having easy numbers to remember), but doesn’t modify on Pace / Intensity suggestions.
    • PreBlast not posted by 1pm on Monday – if you set a standard for yourself, it becomes a reasonable expectation from the PAX. Meet your standard.
    • On the Cooldown back to COT, YHC knew that we were running short on time and recommended if you were cooling down to take the Loch Ness shortcut. Seeing that no one TOOK THE SHORTCUT, this was poorly communicated and most PAX missed the 6:15 COT.
    • Keep track of the PAX – it’s fine that Atlas and Wild Turkey modified the route on Interval #4, but the QIC and everyone else needs to communicate this to the group. Give instructions to the PAX that if you modify like this, let someone know. It’s at least good to stay with a partner.
    • Make sure that PAX are aware of the “regroup” – while Rock Thrill and Wolverine may be comfortable running on their own, they were at least 2 that didn’t get the memo to regroup on the recovery and start each Interval in front of SPX with the group. The regrouping time is good 2nd F, it helps to not isolate PAX for all of the workout, and keeps PAX accountable to each other.
  • Got Credit for “Doubles” this morning – Rock Thrill, Das Boot, Tiger Rag, Haggis, Voodoo, Bratwurst
  • Got Credit for “Singles” – Atlas, Wild Turkey, Wolverine, One Niner, Brexit, Buckeye, Paper Jam, Jello
  • Freeformed it this morning – Hairball
  • Were out there doing Extra work at 0445 – Tuck, Bunker, Dosey-doe, Frasier
  • Credit to Tuck for his leadership at Pursuit and encouragement to find a “Pursuit-like” route that is basically a folded loop that runs PAX back and forth by each other for encouragement, spacing (don’t get too spread out), and accountability (Tiger Rag chasing you is REAL motivation – just ask Haggis).
  • Credit to Bunker & Gumbo for communicating with YHC on the workout plan, and modifying their planned route so we would all be together.

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