Is it wet?

Is it wet?

“Pssst. Hey babe is it raining”?

“What? Leave me alone”

“No seriously is it raining”?

“It sounds like it”

“Whew Ok good. I love the sound of the rai….”

“Don’t even think about it”

“Damn it”

So up I was, ready to Q another glorious, moist, morning at Anvil.


Mosey to where most of the puddles were for a little LSS x 15, Mnt Climbers x 15 and IW x 15.

Mosey to one of the overhangs for Alabama Slamma – merkins OYO 20,19,18,17 and so forth.

Mosey to hot box – 10 derkins, 20 dips, 30 step ups – x 10 minutes

Mosey to rock pile – 10 tricep ext, 20 push press, 30 curls then run down to end of parking lot and back – x 2


Look, I’m like the retired 80 yr old widower who is set in his ways when it comes to F3. Wake up at 5, I drink my Colonix, go back and forth between my recliner and toilet from 5:30-8, read the sports page, smoke a cigar, pour a bloody, ok maybe two – all before noon. Every. Single. Day. And, most importantly, nobody tells me what to do. If I don’t feel like Q’ing bc it’s raining, then I won’t. That is why we have site Q’s – to make up for our irresponsibility. That said, I am a Gentleman who decided I had nothing better to do (thanks to the M) so I might as well sweat out some of the Catawba CLT from the night prior.

Wish everyone could have witnessed the fight that ensued between Clover (Dook) and Lorax (Tarhole) before the workout even started. It all erupted over who could brag more about their respective 5* basketball recruits. Next thing we knew the khaki’s came off, White Claws were thrown and both just started slapping each other with open hands. One would slap and chase, then the other would slap and chase etc. Reminded me of a scene out of Flashdance. Lambeau attempted to stop them but then Mantooth (Tarhole) came out of nowhere with a flying monkey humper knocking Lambeau to the ground. Jet Fuel had finally had enough. He got out of his Toyota minivan and put an All SEC pancake block on Mantooth while Way and I finally separated the cat fight by offering each a chardonnay just to calm the F down. There was no blood, just bruised egos and lots of tears. It was at this point, YHC decided to finally give a disclaimer. Remember guys, an effective disclaimer is of utmost importance especially for these kind of situations.

As for the workout – she’ll come a knockin later today. Tell a friend. I don’t F around with bear crawls, burpees, crab walking in sand pits etc. That’s just dumb. And yes, while hard, there are other things that can get one hard too. The Bama Slamma isn’t easy and is sure to get you hard. An oldie but goodie and sure to force you to flex your tiaats multiple times throughout the day. One of the pax, aka Lorax, tried to talk some sh*t at the beginning but soon quieted to a soft whimper. Flex them Lorax. See? You know you flexed.

Lot’s of good chatter in the hot box. Topics ranging from Bobby Petrino, motorcycles, prostitutes, tax deadlines, strangled cats and so forth. Not necessarily in that order. Ah, the fellowship is alive indeed!

Always enjoy “leading” as they say. Appreciate the opportunity Lorax. That’s it. White ball is a calling.


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2 years ago

I can barely lift my arms to access the keyboard as I write this. Quite the smoke job, Spack. The Advil I popped this morning with my Bailey’s had zero effect; guess I will see how Advil mixes with Old Forester bourbon tonight at the crib.
Various observations:
Lorax provided 30 minutes of free tax advice to Clover, who was “asking for a friend.” Right…..
Man Tooth parked in the Executive parking lot away from us common folk, then proceeded to complain about his dysfunctional sprinkler system. You just can’t hide money.
Lambeau and Way “modified as necessary” the merkin quantities. Well done, gents. I did the same, and my chest-arms-shoulders still hurt.

2 years ago

[…] any time you can use plump, moist or loins in a BB, traffic increases a Hops-approved 13%. Spackler knows.) Bulldog finished them off with seated KB skull crushers. Which reminds me, you still owe me two […]

2 years ago

Wow. That is quite the backblast. The workout sounded pretty good, too.

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