As smooth as…

As smooth as…

Even though most folks were recognizing a work break for Columbus Day, 8 men showed up and got better at The Matrix.
YHC had not been to this AO in a long time but still managed to find my way
there and Q a professional showing of Area51. Here’s what went down:

Mosey from the launch down McKee towards the Korean Church. Pit stop there for COP:

IW x 20 IC

Squats x 20 IC

Mountain Climber x 20 IC


Mosey further away to the
neighborhood on the right (do not recall the name) but they have a nice fountain in front of the clubhouse. Partner up. P1 runs around the hood and
back, P2 does called exercise:





Incline Merkins


Wait for the departing car and mosey back towards the launch. A quick stop on Fred Gutt Drive for a little more interval work. Start at the beginning of the street and run towards the end. 15 merkins at each intersection; return trip had 15 squats at each intersection. 25 LBCs OYO to finish off Fred Gutt.


Mosey back to the school and grab some wall for People’s Chair:

50 Air Presses and Recover

People’s Chair round 2, while the PAX showed off perfect form with 5 burpees each #crowdpleaser


Mosey to the Rock Pile and find a snake-free rock:

25 Shoulder Presses

25 Curls

25 Squats

Continue the pattern with 15, 10 and 5


Mosey back to the launch for 20 Flutters IC.





Great group of vets this morning and the mumblechatter courtesy of McGee started early as we compared emissions discrepancies between big trucks, SUVs and itty-bitty hybrids. The first (and perhaps only) Q fail was referencing Squid’s birthname during the disclaimer; but this group is
well versed, so we took off into the gloom. The mosey out was a challenge as YHC had a little too much Q juice and we looked to ID the sidewalk dip that took out McGee and Taco Stand a few weeks back. Searching hard and talking about the potential spill zone when BAM, we were there. Thankfully no casualties of falls but that is a dangerous spot.

Into the Korean Church property for COP and most of the chatter revolved around the nice, new parking lot. Squid compared it to a clean-shaven face. There may have been some other thoughts there too… and we all agreed that it would be a good spot for future Matrix groups (think bear crawls)

The partner work at the fountain started when out of the gloom, OT appeared and remained with us for the workout. Not sure how he found us but glad to have him with the PAX.

Fred Gutt Drive was an interesting experience and we hoped to avoid being shushed by the neighbors, a la Fast Twitch last week. We successfully completed the challenge and crept up on a weird exchange of some sort of the end of the road. Pretty early to see idling cars and what appeared to be a Mom picking up a kid from said car and walking into the house. She did pose a question to the PAX but YHC was unable to hear.

Back to the school for lively chatter during People’s Chair. Not a soul was counting on the air presses, but the burpees were a hit as we attempted to determine the best and worst of the forms on display. Not sure anyone won that competition.

Rock work was quiet yet effective, and Squid may have the best curl form in all of Area51.

Closed out with a quick flutter to end things as Gummy pointed out we started late so no extra time for YHC (maybe the second Q fail).

Good group of men this morning. Much respect to OT, Cage and Hot Yoga. Gummy, Way and Squid were killing it. McGee was out front most of the day and YHC was only trying to keep up.


Appreciate the opportunity to lead and pray with these men.


Announcements: Don’t forget the Area51 coat drive. Bring those unused coats to an AO near you.

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