Hey, hose……

  • When:11/28/16
  • QIC: Fire Marshal Bill
  • The PAX: Marlin (R), Voodoo, Wild Turkey, Soft Pretzel, Argonaut, Yogi, High Tide

Hey, hose……

8 Pax braved the cold this morning to take part in the fun that a gear workout brings. Given that I was sick as a dog this morning I probably should have stayed in bed but I couldn’t pass up the chance to get out and do some work.


  • A little mosey around the parking lot
  • Merkins x 10
  • Wide Merkins x 10
  • LSS x 15
  • Windmill x 10


Started off with a Pull-up/Burpee Ladder starting at 10 and counting down ( 10,10, 9, 9, 8, 8,…….). First man finished leads Mary

Then down to the field for a 4-man relay race that went as follows:

Two teams of four made made their way through three exercise stations spaced out around the field. The event starts with one person at each station and one carrying the “baton” (100′ bundle of firehose). The first person completes 5 burpees and then carries the baton to the first station and relieves his teammate. That teammate carries the baton to the next station and so on. The stations were:

  • 1 Sledgehammer vs Tractor tire
  • 40# 2H KB Swings
  • Weighted step-ups (50# vest stepping onto tractor tire)

2.5 rounds were completed before having to call time.


The M tried to talk me out of working out in the cold when I’m sick but I showed her.The gear was already loaded up. What’s a Pax to do?

I heard some subtle groaning when I announced the pull-up/burpee ladder but it was pretty quiet once we started. Too much time spent gasping I suppose. The Mary afterwards was a nice filler and one of the Pax (not sure who) introduced us all to the Pickle Pounder (I think).

Some confused looks and expressions of deep concern were exchanged when I mentioned we wouldn’t need all the bells that were brought out. I think we were on the verge of a mutiny but the Pax followed along anyway.

Approaching center field, best guesses began to fly as to what the lump of matter on the ground was. Our firehose batons, possibly a first at Foxhole, were laying there ready to be shouldered and lugged around the field. Instructions were given for the relay and off we went.

All the Pax did awesome and really pushed. With a workout like this you get out what you put in. You could make it as easy or as difficult as you want. We made it through about 2.5 rounds before having to call time and it looked like both teams were neck-and-neck the whole time.

Finished up with COT and all hands on deck for loading the gear into my truck (much appreciated). Then headed home to rest ( I wish! I got 2.0’s!!!)

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7 years ago

FMB ! Solid back blast and a well executed workout. We all know what a chore it is to lug all the stuff out and arrange it before start time, so we VERY much appreciate you doing that. New gear always challenges the body in new ways.

Feel better soon ! Hope the 2.0’s give you a test .

7 years ago

Thanks for a great lead, FMB. I second Argonaut’s comment above: we really appreciate you getting out there early to set up the surprise equipment stations for the pax. We hope you feel better soon! SYITG

High Tide
7 years ago

FMB, well done. Yes, a mutiny was near at hand, with the call to leave behind our precious bells, but the gear made up for any doubts. (Ditto the above “thanks” for the pre-workout setup)

A few items I noted:
1) your performance today while sick >= mine while well. I’ll chalk that up to your youth and feel better about myself…
2) YHC introduced the Pickle Pounders to the pax, discovered last week in Knoxville.
3) a touch of soreness in the lats means the pullups hit the spot. Aye!
4) a touch of soreness in the abs from who knows what? The sledgehammer maybe?
5) a few of us swung Voodoo’s 53# on the KB station #fullcredit

All in all, worth the trip down and a good start to the week. Thanks for leading!
Rest up and get well soon.

Reply to  High Tide
7 years ago

Yeah, I did sneak the 53# KB in there for the swings. #manbell

And I agree that FMB’s performance showed no signs of being sick. Very impressive, but not really surprising.

7 years ago

Thanks for the opportunity to lead you men. And I woke up feeling pretty good today. Sore lats, but feeling good.

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