Turkey Pyramid

  • When:11/21/16
  • QIC: Turkey Leg
  • The PAX: Squid, Retread, Fault Line, Paper Jam, Madison, Lex Luthor, Back Office, Cheese Curd, Arena, O'Tannenbaum, Lobster Roll, Alf, Body Bag, Pop Tart, Smokey, Turkey Leg

Turkey Pyramid

Sixteen men showed up in the chilly gloom to kickoff Turkey Week with a burpee-free pyramid of fun.

The Thang:

Warm-up jog to east lot.  Brief COP w/SSH and Merkins x10.  Jog back to west side of fields to pickup blocks and rocks.  Mosey to south lot and circle up for Turkey Pyramid:

  1. Lap around parking lot – both islands
  2. Overhead presses
  3. Curls
  4. Squat thrusters
  5. Hand release merkins
  6. Arm lifts
  7. Tricept presses
  8. Flutter presses
  9. Derkins
  10. V-ups
  11. Jump-ups
  12. Pull-ups (including run to/from playground)

Build up pyramid to Pull-ups. When finished, reverse the pyramid.

Cut-off with 5 min left

Return blocks and plank at back of field.  AYG back to lot.



  • Holidays always seem to evoke a spirit of sharing, caring, and in F3 workouts: Pyramids.  We made sure this Thanksgiving would be no exception.
  • Several strong performances out there this morning, but as usual, it wasn’t long before Lobster Roll was way out in front, tossing the block around like it was a basketball.  Alf was close behind – several others, but it was mostly a blur due to the sweat freezing in my eyes
  • We came close to finishing the pyramid (at least a few did), getting down to round 4 on the backside.  I think I was in round 6.  Nice push gentlemen.
  • Latecomer Cheesecurd claimed he couldn’t find us initially and thought we may have gone off campus. Luckily he finally found us around round 3 of the pyramid.  Not sure how he missed a mob of men throwing around cinder blocks in the parking lot.  Maybe he was watching from afar thinking it may not be too hard.
  • Site Q: Noticed we’re getting low on cinder blocks – may need to replenish.  I think we lost at least one more this morning from the pax manhandling
  • COT: Great take-out by Squid (as always)
  • Always a pleasure to lead my closest neighborhood workout The Matrix, thanks for the opportunity


  • Christmas Party next Friday.  Toy Drive – bring toy drives to your site Q. Operation Sweet Tooth
  • Turkey Bowl postponed – may be a convergence on Thanksgiving.  Check Twitter
  • Friday – convergence Kevlar and Joust converging at Joust 7am

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High Tide
7 years ago

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Cheese Curd
7 years ago

Pretty rough morning for me! I think I was still sleeping, but I was on my way to the Skunkworks when I realized I should have driven to Matrix.

Ok, I wasn’t that late… One trip around the school and then I found some shadows running across the field. I knew you guys picked up something, just thought it was a rock, not cinder block….so besides the one Alf broke today, thanks for sharing guys!

As for the workout, I am sure it was good if you did it in some order. I “TR’d” myself through this one. Given the shaky start to my day, I figured if I was doing something, better then nothing!

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