Bucket o’ Pain

  • When:11/15/16
  • QIC: Egypt
  • The PAX: MAD, One Eye, Run Stopper, Swiper, Egypt, Kirk (major LIFO)

Bucket o’ Pain

The moon was big, almost full and orange, a site FNG was ready to roll, and Kirk was nowhere to be found. Swiper asked for clarification: “So, we’re going to run to HT and then stay there?” Yes, exactly. Let’s go.

The Thang

  • Run the modified HT mile, going ATW to Colony, then right, and right into the shopping center. About 0.87 miles point-to-point (#roundup)
  • Find Kirk jammin’ to N’Sync and staying warm in his sweet ES350. Lucky for him, we actually went where the PB said we would. Otherwise, it was Koko Fit for him.
  • Swiper grabs the first sheet out of the bucket. Announces exercise to the now-5 other Pax in attendance.
  • Run to the entrance to the high-end pizza joint (#notPapaJohns). Complete 10 reps of the exercise OYO.
  • Run back to the bucket. Rabbits continue with more of the same exercise until the 6 arrives.
  • Someone else grabs another paper. Rinse and repeat, but running to the entrance of Maria (Maria) Bonita, with 15 reps.
  • Rinse and repeat, running to the entrance of HT, with 20 reps.
  • Rinse and repeat, starting again at Brooklyn with 10 reps
  • Kept it up until 6:07 in the a.m., then sprinted 0.87 miles back
  • 3.7 miles total. Somewhere around 300 reps of various exercises – arms, legs, abs, all of it.


  • Kirk took great issue on the Twittersphere with YHC’s questioning of the HT “mile,” then skipped it entirely. Odd approach. He did run it post-workout, to get back to the ES, so he gets partial credit for the workout.
  • Welcome to site FNG MAD. Said he’s been posting at other A51 workouts, but wants to work on his running, so chose SOFAWIB today. Smart move, brother. Keep up the strong work.
  • One Eye clarified for YHC how the HT, and other SOFAWIB miles, really works. Apparently there’s some out-and-back, pole-dancing, tip-your-waitress¬†component to it. Today, we just ran to a point (keepin it simple).
  • Great to work out with Run Stopper again. Fastest burpees in F3 Nation (body designed for it)
  • If anyone’s unsure what to get Kirk for Christmas, just stop by the Mole Hole.
  • In other news, Swiper went way off-trail and did not brush his teeth before posting (based on what he said – YHC absolutely, positively did not verify this)
  • Things you only know if you get up really early in the morning: HT sells newspapers by the dozen, but also receives a single, plastic-wrapped paper on its ‘doorstep’ (bathroom reading?). And the night watchman at Koko Fit Club gets to use the elliptical machines all he wants.
  • Thanks to RT for the take-out. Remember to bring turkeys or $10 for the CRM collection, and sign up for the Joe Davis 5K and/or 10K recovery run happening early January.

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7 years ago

Thanks to all the PAX today for encouraging me and for also keeping the standard and not slowing down on my account. I definitely pushed myself for 45 min today!

Glad we explored why the bill from MB’s says “Cilantro’s”. Those jumps ups were a little dangerous – thought I might just crash through the window into the Mole Hole and find that monogrammed item Kirk was talking about – or wait, was I in front of MB’s? I was oxygen deprived for a good bit of the work-out.

And coming back during the partner carry I noticed that the older man in the SUV didn’t stop for us to let us through, didn’t drive past us to let us continue, but simply stopped right in front and blocked our path while he stared at us for a moment. Wonder what he thought was going on.

Look forward to my next post with you gents. Thanks again. Aye!

7 years ago

Listen Spanglish – that was Zeppelin not N’Sync. Questioning the depth of those Texas roots…

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