“How ’bout some more beans Mr. Taggart?”

  • When:11/10/16
  • QIC: Hops
  • The PAX: Good Hands, Bananas, Wolfman, Jet Fuel, Marge, Hopper, La-Z-Boy, Champagne, Buttermaker, Jamboree (R), Cheese Curd, Chelms aka Tater Tot (R), Hops

“How ’bout some more beans Mr. Taggart?”

Puddin’ Pop called in sick, so there was no SF.  Nonetheless, after a quick disclaimer – the pax headed out for another Thursday assault on the 3-headed monster.

The Thang:

Jog over to church lot across Rea Road for COP.

IW x 20 IC

Rockhopper x 13 IC

Slow Squat x 20 IC

H-R Merkin x 20 IC

Partner up and grab a rock from the creekbed.

Catch me if you can.  P1 with rock overhead double-timing/jogging while P2 does 5 burpees.  Repeat for 2 laps around the church.

Mosey over to OPE campus.

20 Jump-Up’s with squat

15 Jump-Up’s with squat

10 Jump-Up’s with squat

Elbow plank with alternating leg lift x 10 IC

Jog to school building

People’s Chair w/Overhead press x 25 IC

Partner back up.

P1 runs to concession area for 10 Incline Merkins & 10 Derkins while P2 does 5 pull-ups and LBCs.  Flapjack.  3 circuits.

Mosey to field for 6 MoM

Slow Flutter x 13 IC

Makthar Ndiaye x 13 IC

Freddy Mercury x 13 IC

6-count burpee x 13 IC


SSH x 45 IC



Ye Olde Moleskine:

Good to see Bananas post north of Rt. 51 again for first time since moving to the UC/Land of the Waxhaws.

T-claps to Jamboree & Cheese Curd for running into Hydra.  Curd is EH’ing something fierce for the Smoky Mountain relay…pretty sure Jamboree was an HC for that.

Some quiet assassins out there this morning – Marge & Jet Fuel to name a couple.

Speaking of assassination – what in the world was going on with Buttermaker’s GI tract??  Mercy!  At one point during the Inclines/Derkins circuit, I thought we might have to call the medic or veterinarian.  Unbelieveable.  No way he made it home without filling his drawers.

By the way, beware the “Q Trap”.  Never ask a site Q who’s Q’ing the next day if you’re not prepared to Q.  2nd time YHC has made that mistake. #slowlearner  And Puddin’ didn’t even have the courtesy to post…something about the sniffles or hangnail or something.

Speaking of Hydra, thusly named due to the original Tri-Q’s of Donkey Kong, 49’er & Bugeater.  When’s the reunion?  DK just can’t call 200 burpees….that’s just stupid.  In the immortal words of Long Distance: “Not doing it!”

By the way, pretty sure we saw Chico, Gummy and Bounce speed-walking down Rea Road.  What the heck guys?

Anyway, great crew and fellowship at Hydra as always.  Glad Good Hands & Puddin’ told me, I mean asked, I’m Q’ing.


Christmas Party – December 2nd – sign-up or Bean will bring the after-party to your house.

Joe Davis Run – January 7th – sign-up because hope is arguably the greatest gift to anyone, especially those battling addiction.

Bulldogs Matter – get in touch with Chelms to help positively impact young men at AG Middle who need encouragement, positive examples, and HOPE.  Lots of opportunities and proximally close to those of you in northern Area 51.



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Chelms aka Tatertot
7 years ago

For the first time ever I pick a lifting rock and, wouldn’t you know it, we had to run with it. Sorry Marge.

Marge and I won all the races and I get no love. No RESPECT

7 years ago

A sincere apology to all those that were offended by my rather aggressive flatulence this morning. Wednesday nights are generally “Mexican” night at my house which I’m sure contributed to the issue. At least I had the common courtesy to remove myself from the circle during Mary…more than Puddin’ ever does. Bananas should take some blame here as well. He got the ball rolling.

Chelms aka Tatertot
7 years ago

Partner catch me if you can and alternating pull ups/merkins. Guess I won because I was the only one racing.

Reply to  Chelms aka Tatertot
7 years ago

We definitely won both races, Chelms. T-claps. Can’t say I ran with the rock over my head the whole time though. I told you at the beginning that we’d be moving with the rock. I thought you picked a large one as a challenge.

Cheese Curd
7 years ago

Another solid performance Hops! Sorry to let you down (on the race), burpees then running (with rocks) is not my wheel house. Besides this cool air is killing my asthma…whew! Also, Why so many burpees this AM???

Pause for a PSA: With a few tough mornings for YHC, I having been looking at guys wearing some sort of Road ID. I don’t know how Hops memorized 12 names for the BB, so maybe he knows, but I can I don’t know most of your birth names. I would like to see more guys, at all AO’s, to have ID…if something happens. Back to the action…

Buttermaker, who saves that kind of gas for the last 10 mins…DANG!

For Jamboree and others, here are a few more details: Smokey Mountain Relay April 21-22 http://smr.smokymountainrelay.com/ 206 miles/ we now have Thin Mint, Champagne, Flipper, YHC and a strong SC-Kirk. 9 man team at least, possibility to grow it to 10 or 12.

7 years ago

I was def more interested in the blazing saddles fart-off than the rock race but I got crushed on both. Humbling and fun morning. Of course my partner’s name was Jet Fuel. That name is all talk BTW. He didn’t even help against Butter’s assault. Good job JF

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