Agony’s Playground: Dirty Thirty

  • When:11/23/15
  • The PAX: Orlando, Steinbrenner, Egypt, Alphabet, Bushwood, Barker, Doogie, ~' , Gerber, 'Bout Time, Pothole, Hops, Sem-i-gloss, Flutie Flakes, Baracuda, Chappy, One Eye, Baracus, Chalet, Agony, Kirk

Agony’s Playground: Dirty Thirty

Aye…20 Pax posted with the thoughts of putting some long hard miles in pre-Thanksgiving.  But Santa’s sled, disguised like every other middle aged man in southpark, a volvo wagon, made an early appearance with some toys for the pax.

The Thang: 

Mosey with KBs and WallBalls through the hole infested back side of RTS

Dirty Thirty (30reps)

  • Hand Release Durkins
  • KettleBell Swings
  • Lunge Walk
  • SitUps
  • Dips
  • Wall Ball
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Tire Flips
  • Shuttleruns
  • Burpees

Equalizer: Plankorama, Mary: LBCs, Dolly

Repeat above at 20reps

Equalizer: Mtn. Climbers, Russian Twist

Repeat above at 10reps

Mosey home: Team weighted individual fartlick runs in a line


  • A post-race season workout that as the hibernation kicks in focused on muscle than speed.
  • Some pax took to doing the worm rather than handrelease durkins
  • #Cobains to the ‘hood for the tireflipping-thuds at 5:45
  • Discovered the YMCA no longer will allow their trainers to call them “Indian Runs” or “Suicides.”
  • Cuda was priming his med alert bracelet during the first circuit of donkey kicks, but pushed through.
  • PAX–you are no stronger and prepared to carry in the frozen turkey (or Tofurky)


  • Dunkin Donuts and Bible time at Rally Point
  • Thanksgiving Day convergences–check the website
  • A running race in Jan–check the website
  • Area 51 Christmas Party–check the website

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8 years ago

1 – which pax gets to be the symbol? And are emoji next?
2 – I’ve seen the commercials. Santa drives a 2-door red Benz, not a Volvo wagon.

Reply to  Kirk
8 years ago

I thought Santa drove a Lexus?
Can we all agree the YMCA is a joke? Please boycott if not already
Don’t know why tires at RTS, but moving them to grass was a bad idea #hardtodriveonice

8 years ago

1. There is no “post race season”. There is just “next race season”. Joe Davis on 1/9/16, Corporate Cup Half is 3/5/16, and the BRR is only 291 days out.

2. New (low) milage record, 1.6 miles, for DMZ since before my time. 0.6 came from running #ShuffleBoards. Next week’s Q is Benefactor. I’m pretty sure we will exceed 1.6.

3. Why are their large tires at RTS? #Stronglikebullpastors

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