#Preblast – JoeDavisRun Prep 1/8

#Preblast – JoeDavisRun Prep 1/8

F3Swift will launch into an 8 week training program for the JoeDavisRun 5K/10K .  This week is Week 1.  There will be up to 3 workouts suggested for each week with a mix of R-pace, I-pace, and T-pace.  Full schedule will be published soon, but for tomorrow, the plan is:

  • 0500 – Extra time to warm-up with 1.0mile or so 2nd F pace
  • 0515 – Warm-up 10minutes 2ndF pace over to the Bridge on Ballantyne Corporate over Hwy 521.
  • 0525 – 5min of dynamic exercises.
  • 0530 – Begin the workout of:
    • 200m at R-pace, 200m Recovery
    • 200m at R-pace, 400m Recovery
    • 600m at R-pace, 600m Recovery
  • Continue rounds until 0605 before heading back to COT

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Stump Hugger
8 years ago

At Run from Your Life they would give you some free socks or a coupon for some glide. Will there be any such promo’s for this here training program?

I am going to bring out my snot rocket https://t.co/7jJo25AvlK

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