What do Dragons, Cockroaches, Indians, Scorpions and Bobby Hurley have in common?

  • When:11/13/15
  • QIC: Happy
  • The PAX: Hairband, Glass Joe, Lamont, The Count, Speilberg, Counter Top, Shepherd, Keifer, Happy

What do Dragons, Cockroaches, Indians, Scorpions and Bobby Hurley have in common?

Q: What do Dragons, Cockroaches, Indians, Scorpions and Bobby Hurley have in common?

A:  They all were exercises at Overdrive today.

Off to an awkward start and all the diligent planning was going to quickly become a day of audibles!

Disclaimer given—i mean just look at me in the center and you can tell I am not a professional!

Imperial Squat Walker x 30—Scapped and replaced with Imperial Walkers
Mountain Climbers x 30 –each leg
Arm circles x 50 (civilian count)

Mosey to hill for instructions

AYG to buses for Cheese Weave
Karaoke left, right, sprint
Bobby Hurley- Shuffle left, right, sprint

Plank for 6’s—
scrapped due to buses departing quickly (did not want PAX to become UCPS speedbumps)

2 line Indian Run to Shiloh SunValley elementary parking lot
(1 fast line and 1 not as fast line)
Fast guys added a full  lap around the parking lot

Partner up –GRAB A LINE –Plank walk 3 lines
5 wide hand clap merkins, 10 LBC then walk
5 diamond hand clap merkins, 10 LBC then walk
5 wide hand clap merkins, 10 LBC then recover

2 line Indian Run to SVMS parking lot pass the buses
(1 fast line with restrictor plates) not enough rock piles nearby

Peoples Chair
Pass the rock w/overhead presess to the left and back to the right
1x, 2x, 4x, 6x—done!

4 Stations
BTTW walk down the wall- to the 2nd window if you can
Overhead Kettle Bell Presses x25
Jump rope x 50
Dragon Walk / Lunge Walk through blocks
Rinse and repeat x2

Scorpion Dry Docks x 15 x 25 Mosey to the front parking lot

8’s on the corners became 8 signs of Suicide
(7 alt shoulder touch merkins–1 LBC)-(1 merkin-7LBC)
suicide run to each of the 8 parking signs as markers

Mary to finish time out
Dying Cockroach x 15
Pretzel Crunch x 15

Some where along the way we grew from 8 PAX to 9 with the addition of Spielberg who decided to show up in time to watch the credits roll! To his defense, we shortened the COP and sprinted off into the darkness to race the departure of the buses and not a shoe print or a stinky sweat trail to follow thanks to the bus fumes!

Great work by everyone today! Lamont showing some speed with the fast Indian run and the Suicides. Hairband pushing the knee each week and getting stronger everyday. Not a lot of mumblechatter today, maybe the PAX were trying to catch their breath or just quietly questioning my directions while I was trying to catch my breath and call a few audibles!

Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl, 7 on 7 flag football- sorry I can’t find the details!

Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run: 01/09/2016.  This race is a memorial run for Joe Davis, brother of Rock Thrill, who died of an accidental overdose.  Proceeds benefit Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill, SC.  Information and registration http://f3nation.com/2015/10/28/2016-joe-davis-memorial-resolution-run-pre-blast/

Area 51 Christmas party 12/12/2015 at Sardis Swim and Raquet Club.  Geraldo is Q.  More information to follow.  Please note we will again collect donations of non-perishables for the Calvary Church Food Pantry at the party.  Specific needs will be communicated the week before the party. Put it on your calendars now men. http://f3nation.com/2015/11/11/4th-annual-area-51-christmas-party/

Thanks to Glass Joe for taking us out in prayer today!

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Glass Joe
8 years ago

At least four of those are pests. Not sure about the Indians. That’s all I got.

Hair Band
8 years ago

I liked the variable on the cheese weave with the karaoke etc., I always get a little concerned being over there on a Friday though. #UCPSSpeedbumps

Good job today, the more you Q the more comfortable you will get with cadence, what works, what doesn’t etc. Doesn’t mean we don’t try new things but you get a better feel for it all.

You have gotten faster and stronger and your leadership is getting better all the time, keep it up!

*** Last Announcement… SHIRTS! Get yours while you can! ***

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Hair Band
8 years ago

Aye Agreed! It gets easier and a lot more fun to Q over time.

I seem to enjoy inflicting pain, but not too much pain.

I’m out of Union County until Thanksgiving weekend with a ruck, Qing at Mint Hill Metal, then Dollywood so it’ll be fun to be back with you on the 28th for a full hour.

It’s already been planned somewhat, and it’s gonna be a little different but no less suckage.

Until then, Aye!

Glass Joe
8 years ago

I was really impressed to see a lot of guys getting better today. Lamont/CT/Happy joined my Too Fast Line for the Indian Run. Especially Happy who had to sprint to get ahead of me. I didn’t make it easy for you Brother. Not sure if I apologize for that or tell you ‘You’re Welcome’ but I’ve learned the secret to getting faster by chasing after EE. And then Keifer decided to join in for the 2nd one. #F3Strong

This was a really solid Q. Lots of variation so everybody should have been ‘Happy’ and miserable at the same time. Those Scorpion DryDocks and Dragon walk did not make me ‘Happy’.

And yeah, I saw The Count sprinting on those suicides at the end. And Shepherd asking for burpees at the end. And Spielberg not giving up even though he couldn’t find us at first. All around solid gentlemen!!!

Hair Band
Reply to  Happy
8 years ago

I pulled a hammie trying to race GJ doing Devin Hesters or something on the field about a year ago. And I totally blame him for my lack of thought in that process. Not sure how it’s his fault but I blame him anyway.

Hair Band
Reply to  Happy
8 years ago

I wish you could edit posts! Oh well…

BTW Winter is never an off season for us, our #CSAUP moment was an Overdrive 7° workout last winter. I think we were even shedding some layers by the end If I remember right.

Drop Thrill
8 years ago

Yeah I had too many layers on by the end of it, which I couldn’t believe.

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