Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

ByMadison May 21, 2021

Seven Pax showed up with big bells and high expectations at Union Co's premier KB & Gear workout, Overdrive.  The weinke was a simple Tabata

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So Simple So Dumb

ByGlass Joe Feb 26, 2021

This workout would be simple. I wouldn't even have to give complicated instructions....or so I thought. I forgot that I work out with some prim

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Swinging into your 60’s

ByTommy Rose Dec 4, 2020

10 PAX overcame fartsackville on a balmy 42 deg Friday morn for the latest episode of #overdrive.  Our co-site Qs, Hairband and Lamont, needed a

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Strange Times

ByGlass Joe Aug 14, 2020

I got voluntold to lead this workout. I put approximately 4 seconds of planning into it. Mainly because my last Q here didn't finish through a

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Double Trouble With Drop Thrill At Overdrive

ByDrop Thrill Jul 3, 2020

So it was a hot and sweaty morning down in the UC and YHC had the reigns for Overdrive. After warming up a bit, not much as we were already wa

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Kettlebell VirusWOD 1

ByHair Band Mar 20, 2020

Take the #DRP 10 Goodmornings, 10 Swings, 10 Overhead Presses 8 Goodmornings, 8 Swings, 8 OH Presses you get the idea, down to 6, 4, 2 Pi

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March Iron Madness

ByHair Band Mar 6, 2020

The question... How best to combine kettlebells and a March Madness Challenge The answer goes something like this: Disclaimer given and off

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Filthy Fifty

ByHair Band Jan 24, 2020

As is often the case lately, whenever rain is in the forecast it seems to lighten up right around launch time for Overdrive. #Thankful A littl

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“Shh. Do you hear that? It’s the WIND of change.”

ByTommy Rose Jan 17, 2020

Nine PAX stumbled their way to Overdrive for the weekly kettlebell beating.  YHC upon arriving assessed the windy conditions and decided to hudd

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246 souls honored in silence

ByeHarmony Sep 13, 2019

This week we celebrated another unfortunate anniversary...9/11. I wanted to honor some of the victims in this horrible tragedy. I know it's a co

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