SOFAWIB: My Buddy and Me

  • When:11/10/15
  • QIC: Sundancer
  • The PAX: Cheese Curd, Daisy, Ickey Shuffle, Iron Mike, Kirk, One Eye, Swiper (Hate), Bushwood (in spirit)

SOFAWIB: My Buddy and Me

8 2nd F’ers exploded out of the fartsack to improve themselves and their buddies. This is what they did –

My Buddy and Me

Partner up. Run the AYG mile to HT (Right onto Rea; run to HT; loop the first pillar; back to OP).
With your partner (never leave him behind/ahead/too far to the side) –
– Run to the playground and do 10 pull-ups and 30 dips on the Buddy Bench
– Run to Concession Stand and do 20 squats and 20 incline diamond merkin
– Run to the Field and do 30 Russian Twists and 10 dumbocrats (the pax discovers that the field is quite sodden)
– Run through the woods and to the top of Foxworth hill and do 10 partner derkins and 30 Flutters (numerous pax complain of flooding and looming threat of injury)
Run back to field, concession stand, and playground and do exercises.  AUDIBLE REQUESTED, APPROVED – run back up Windyrush to buddy bench playground. Field and Foxworth replaced with front ends of school. That is 1 round.
Complete as many rounds as possible until 6:05.  Run the mile to HT and back.

This one went sideways pretty quickly. Being the professionalish, non-certified workout leader that I am, and with the help of such experienced, talented, vocal participants, we managed to negotiate a settlement that kept everyone “happy” while still adhering to the high standards for which SOFAWIB is so well known.
All four groups got three-ish rounds in. Call it 3.85 rounds to match the 3.85 miles of mileage on my power ranger watch. 30 pull-ups, 90 dips, 60 squats, 60 incline merkins, 30 dumbocrats, 90 twists.
Fun fact, the kid in the commercial referenced above is actually Daisy*

Statistics of Note
Did Sundancer Spill Merlot? Nope. Ickey Shuffle does a great impression though.
Was Kirk Injured? Not that I could tell. Then again, I barely saw him. #fleshanchor
Did Iron Mike have a shirt on? Yes, unfortunately.
Is One Eye still strong/fast (“stroast”)? Heavens yes. Infuriatingly so.
Did Swiper perform some kind of Q-jack maneuver? Yes. YHC is nothing if not an effective time manager. Do not try to out-alpha the sofa-ther, birthday boy. And no, we are not renaming this workout.

Veterans’s Day convergence tomorrow at Calvary 0530.
1stF: Good luck to all pax running the Thunder Road marathon, and to Ickey Shuffle running the Spartan Beast this weekend.
2ndF: Go use the F3 LinkedIn group to establish or strengthen your professional network. Also, keep an eye out for #F3Whetstone for Mentor/Mentee opportunities.
Also, keep an eye out for pax collecting frozen turkeys for #MIP. Goal is 100 turkeys by Saturday.
3rdF: Rally Point every Monday at Rea Road Dunkin’ Donuts. And reach out to Simba (@Simba_F3) to learn more about his “Christianity Explored” group.
Thanks to Evan Taylor for the takeout and pointing us in the right direction for the day. Welcome to hate, and thank you for being the loudest voice both for and during SOFAWIB.
And thanks to all of you for electing to make SOFAWIB your workout of choice every Tuesday.

*Might not be true. May actually be Bushwood.

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8 years ago

First – the video was kinda creepy, and not in an “80s were wierd” way, but that’s camera work like you’d see in a horror movie flashback or Blair Witch. Also, *Daisy is not that blond or boyish. Must have been Bushwood, who is probably getting carded for a glass of vino in Greece at this time #waterintowine.

2nd – despite bringing the waterproof speaker, I didn’t hear one freakin’ song. Run faster next time so I can actually hear the music #bongos&batguano.

C – Multiple times I almost lost a shoe, like Giselle at the mud run two years ago, pre- #bustedpaw #colarules. Entire foot squished into the mud. Not just on the football field, which was expected, but also on the trail of darkness (#headlamprequiredtoday) and in the dang playground mulch. How does mulch squish? Good audible that turned into a bit of freeplay #dowhatwhere #youreoutoforder

Last – yet again pulled around by Swiper on this one, well half of it. Opening half mile was a little aggressive. Dumbocrats remain awful. Also, you left out the derkins and flutters from the count.

I grabbed the reins back for next week. I’d appreciate an RSVP for space planning considerations because, to quote Tiger Rag, “it will be a cut your balls off, stuff them down your throat, you’ll never have kids again”-type of workout.

So if you’re up for the challenge, like mountain oysters, or just don’t want to pay a Urologist #lb4lb, HC for next week’s fun.

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