Skunkworks – Suicidal Farmers

  • When:11/10/15
  • QIC: Harley
  • The PAX: Pop Tart, Hacker (respect), Drop Thrill, Dollywood, Frosty Paws, Good Hands, Retread, Puddin' Pop, Fletch, Brown, Channel, Smoky, Witch Dr., Sanka, Header, Horsehead, Peacock, Stone Cold, Destiny (respect), Harley

Skunkworks – Suicidal Farmers

20 men answered the call at Skunkworks for what I hope was a good old fashioned throat chop.

Here’s what we did.

– Avoid the early trash truck
– Mosey to the dark alley
– IW
– 30, 20, 10 two-handed swings
– Merkins: 10 left hand on bell, 10 right hand on bell, 10 diamond both hands on bell

Farmer Carries (you know it’s coming when we go to the alley)
– Partner up with like size KB
– Partner 1 carries both KBs
– Partner 2 10 merkins, chase and switch
– Feel exceptional burn in forearms

Mary (aka recovery)

Hill Suicides
– Bottom of hill in front of church, first set of excercise then run to first median and back, second set then run to second median and back, third set then run to street at top of hill and back
– Stated goal was to focus on form with KBs and go hard on runs, turned into more of just trying to survive (at least for me)
– Set #1: Snatches – 5x each arm, 7x each arm, 10x each arm
– Set #2: Goblet Squats – 10x, 15x, 20x
– Set #3: Burpees – 10x, 15x, 20x
– Set #4: Swings – 10x two handed, 10x right hand, 10x left hand
– Set #5: Push press on ground – 5x each arm, 7x each arm, 10x each arm

Farmer Carry back to parking lot

I’ve been getting a bit complacent (old, fat, lazy) and wanted to get back at pushing it hard at Skunkworks this am. Mission accomplished, although the pack was moving way faster than me. I had a couple of moments of hoping not to pass out or throw up. Strong work out there today.

A few notables:
– Witch Dr.: took off like a rocket carrying the KBs, PEDs?
– Fletch: runs like the wind…and carries a 45 lb KB, #beast
– Channel: killing it today, where you been?
– Frosty Paws: getting ready for winter with the head to toe covered look in 50 degrees
– Brown: talks a big game about not running but he’s not slow
– Stone Cold: perfect merkin form even at the end
– Pop Tart: many thanks for carrying your partner
– Horsehead: pushing it hard on the run
– Under 30 crowd very strong: Sanka, Peacock, Dollywood
– Over 50 crowd also pushing: Hacker, Destiny
– Early Veteran’s Day celebration from Drop Thrill
– Good to see the #s back at skunk…but a few notable absences: where you at TR, Bananas, Bulldog, Arena? #soccerarms?

New schedule for Skunkworks going out ASAP, let me know if you want in.

Fletch is going to co-lead the site, so average fitness level just went up significantly.

Convergence workout tomorrow at Anvil (Calvary) for Veteran’s Day, 5:30, 45 minutes.

— Harley

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Drop Thrill
8 years ago

Great lead Harley.

Good to be well enough to come back to SW again after a year of frustration with my back, leg, whatever hurts at the moment.

I’ve lost a lot of ground in endurance at SW, but it’ll come back in time I know.

Good to see a lot of A51 faces again as I’m up in the foreign land of MECA now being one of the goofballs leading Mint Hill and don’t get farther south much anymore.

8 years ago

Harley – that was great. Brought back some good memories of #oldskunk before the stupid doubles ruined it with everyone standing around breaking wind for 45 mins. This is what we need every Tuesday.

Lots of forearmband comparisons going on pre-workout, a virtual show and tell of the various makes and models of middle aged placebo wraps. Squeeze that radius and ulna tight boys. I think that Header and Brown traded theirs in a friendship ceremony.

I almost barfed immediately after the squats. Also, no truck bed nearby so I was panicking for bit.

Harley had a ghost white look on his face after the 1st set of suicides, and I could tell that he was considering modifying the planned workout to ease back. I think this was the tipping point for the pax, and I’m not sure anyone would have complained if he would have circled everyone up for something much less intense. I saw him wrestle those thoughts away though and take a big swig of #suckitup before he called the next set of suicides. That was what we needed brother, somebody to make the tough call and push us to the next level.

8 years ago

The burpee round was particularly terrible, but we are all better for it. Looking forward to Co-Leading the Skunk. We’ll be sure to keep it extra Pungent.

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