Timed Mile = Scary = Perfect Halloween Post!

  • When:10/30/2015
  • QIC: Strange Brew
  • The PAX: Mountain Goat Pax

Timed Mile = Scary = Perfect Halloween Post!

So it is time to run a timed mile, yup, I’ve heard that some people have done this in such austere places as High School so for those of you that can remember that this shouldn’t be that bad.  For the others of us this is what we have been working our way up to in terms of effort, pacing and breathing.

The plan is to do a proper warm up, done at a WARM UP PACE FOR YOU, the idea is to warm up the muscles but not tire them out and then do some dynamic stretching and run a timed mile, or technically in case Bratwurst is reading this a timed 1600m, which of course would be from lane 2 as I recall.  We will not get that technical of course although for those technical type pax feel free to use lane 2.


The idea behind the timed mile is not to beat your high school time but to set a new baseline for future progress.  Jack Daniel’s (the running coach, not the drink) would suggest that the timed mile can be used to set different types of training paces, the calculator that YHC uses is:


This mile should be an all out effort, as in if you had to run 1.1 miles you couldn’t do it, merlot is ok (just wait until you cross the line and try to avoid fellow pax’s shoes)

Once we have the timed mile under our belt we can plug the number into the calculator and then use the different paces (under the training tab) for future interval work.

Should there be a large number of pax we will run two heats to make sure that it isn’t too crowded on the track itself (don’t want lane 2 to get too crowded with engineers).

Following the timed mile we’ll do a few cool down laps, or perhaps they could be looked at as warm up laps for the next part of the workout to which I’ll leave some suspense but to give a small hint it does involve running.

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8 years ago

Lane 2 was specific to AG Middle track. I assume SCMS has a 1600m track in Lane 1, and there is likely a waterfall start line with 1600/3200 written to the right side that would confirm.

I plan to be there for pacing. Looking forward to it!

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