4×4’s and More at MeatHead

  • When:10/29/15
  • QIC: Fletch
  • The PAX: Turkey Leg, Radar, Chanel, Brown, Probation, Bulldog, Simba (boot), Sanka, Young Love, Strange Brew, Gullah, Hacker (Respect), Destiny (Respect), Soul Glow, High Tide, Arena, Witch Doctor, Fletch (QIC)

4×4’s and More at MeatHead

18 tough guys from South Charlotte and beyond entered the friendly confines of Elizabeth Lane Elementary armed with enough Bells to put cracks in the one of the roughest parking lots in area51. Fortunately for the parking lot, we wouldn’t be putting the bells down much today. Plenty of sweat this morning thanks to the surprisingly warmer temps. The pax was properly disclaimed and we launched into the Warmup.
SSH x20
20 two handed swings OYO
Low Slow 3 count Squats x 15 IC
Merkins on your Bell x15 IC
Cleans x 10 Each Arm OYO
Snatches x 10 Each Arm OYO

The Main thing went down like this. After a few comments about needing to pass out headphones so the Pax can hear the tunes, the volume was adjusted and away we went.
4x4x4’s (Complete 4 reps each arm of the 4 Called exercises for 4 Rounds)
Round 1
Single Arm Swing
Rack Squat
(50 LBC once done)

Round 2
Single Arm Swing
High Pull
Reverse Lunge w/bell in Rack
Shoulder Press
(50 Merkin when done)

Round 3
Single Arm Swing
Single Leg Dead Lift
Rack Squat shoulder Press
(25 Merkin, 25 LBC when done)

Partner Up w/like Bells for Doubles: 5 Rounds of Each Exercise – Partner 1 on Bells, Partner 2 maintains static hold
Double Swings x5 (partner 2 Holds Low Squat)
Double Cleans x5 (partners 2 Holds 6 Inch Plank)
Double Alternating Should Press (partner 2 holds feet up 6 inches)

Moleskin: it was a great day to keep the bells in motion and get a good sweat out this morning. The usual Meatheads were in attendance and getting after it – lots of heavy bells being moved around the circle. Radar made a cameo and we even had Simba working out in his DasBoot. Turkey Leg is becoming a Meathead staple and getting in the double down pre-run (sorry I was there for the pre-run this morning brother). There was plenty of chatter before the start and during the warmup, but that quickly went away once the heavy lifting began. Strong effort by all in attendance as usual. Hopefully everyone got their money’s worth today. Always enjoy leading Meathead, thanks guys.
Thank you Simba for the takeout

Announcements: Joe Davis Run See link for Signup and PreBlast: http://f3nation.com/2015/10/28/2016-joe-davis-memorial-resolution-run-pre-blast/
Turkey Bowl – Thanksgiving Morning – Grudgematch of Type of AO (Running, Bootcamp, Gear) more details to follow
Bring back Kevlar? There was chatter in COT about brining it back. Bulldog is looking for interest, anyone interested in taking on co-site Q or Q hit him up.

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8 years ago

Nice one Fletch. Delivered as usual. Good work by all

8 years ago

Fletch, the 4×4’s were sneaky effective. Sore overall.

BD, your co-site Q can come from a bootcamp team member should that team win the A51 Turkey Bowl.

8 years ago

Only the #gear team will win the Turkey Bowl mate. Especially with yours truly as the QB!

8 years ago

Big question is Turkey Leg. He’s a KB junkie now. Tough choice – runner or gear team?

8 years ago

First post in 3 weeks and it hurt, even the walk away to shake it off was hard in das boot.
Great to be back. I think Brown’s predictions that I am going to get huge from this one visit to meathead is going to come true. I can already feel the results.

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