Frozen to the pavement

  • When:1/10/15
  • QIC: Kirk
  • The PAX: Hopper, Harley, Agony, Cheese Curd, Dear Abby, Spandex, Kirk (Q), missing several - phone died but Hopper got them.

Frozen to the pavement

Bakers dozen – I think – met at Calvary while much of A51 ran the Joe Davis. Here’s what happened after the disclaimer :

Slow mosey out and down 51 to front of the church for warmup COP:

SSH, IWs, MCs, Merkins, Squats

Mosey the long way (51 to Rea) to Entrance 4 with some lunge walk and plank to regroup.

Backward run 11s on the hill: jump lunges (each leg) at the bottom and squats at the top (crowd pleaser).

Mary at top of the hill while waiting for the six: flutters and LBCs. Popular decision to go back down the hill.

Introduction of 22s (same as elevens, but count by twos – met with the unofficial F3 motto “why wouldn’t we?”): derkins (head downhill) at the bottom and CDDs at the top.

More Mary waiting for the six:  LBCs and Boone LBCs.

Mosey to confession stand for dips / jump ups / derkins. I don’t remember the sequence, but I think it was 20 / 20 / 5, 10 / 20 / 10, 5 / 10 / 5. I remember that it made no sense.

Mosey to little hill by fields for Triple Nickel (despite Gummy’s absence). 5 trips with 5 burpees at the top and 5 Turkish get ups at the bottom. This used my allotment of burpees.

Mosey to parking lot for 33s (like 11s but counting by 3s):  LBCs and flutters (each leg). Believe most got about halfway when time ran out.


Great work out there this morning, guys. My gloves had my GPS going nuts, but still showed over 2 miles – most of it short runs.

Strong crew today. I was consistently “leading” from the middle of the pack. After the Turkish get ups, my fleece pullover froze to the pavement doing LBCs. It was cold, yet no complaints.

Not sure if it was this or a day of yard work, but I’m smoked. Going to sleep well despite possible nightmares of Cam throwing a pick six with Stewart open in the flat.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead a great group today.  Peace

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7 years ago

Great Q Kirk. The remaining pax were Gum Nut, Gutter Ball, Cable Guy, Outback and Mr Bean. Thanks so much for the horrendous workout. I was smoked too. Thanks to Harley for realizing we were punchingn the overtime card at 8:03 and hence a quick end to 33s. I was scared to even think about building up to 33 flutters after all we had done.

Great convergence for The Rock and Day Zero, although I noted no leadership from DZ showed up. My guess is they are still tired from the moderate workout at DZ last Saturday and just couldn’t get the joints moving again to make it to The Rock. Aging is tough, Prohibition and Hairball.

Next up at The Rock is Chelms aka Tater Tot aka Bringin’ The Pain!!

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