Area 51’s Cure for the Hangover

  • When:1/1/2015
  • QIC: Geraldo and Slim Fast
  • The PAX: Young Love, Dear Abby, Simba, Dolphin, Mr. Brady, Boondock, Horsehead, Sanka, Prohibition, Big League Chew, Iron Horse, Beaver, Marge, Hairball, Pele, Gummy, Semi-Gloss, Crabcake, Frasier, Drop Thrill, Udder, Spackler, Icky Shuffle, Dumpster Fire, Wild Turkey, Geraldo, Slim Fast

Area 51’s Cure for the Hangover


27 PAX ignored the comforts of their #fartsacks (or backseat) to prove that the only cure for a New Year’s Eve hangover (beverage and/or food-induced), is a good old-fashioned beat down courtesy of Peak 51.  All Thursday Area 51 workouts converged at the frost-covered grounds of Calvary to bring in the New Year with some solid 1st and 2nd F.

The Thang:
Geraldo led COP
SSH x 20
Merkins x 15
Squats x 20
CCDs x 15
IW x 20
Wide Arm Merkins x 15
LBCs x 20

The PAX divided into 2 groups.  Geraldo took Group 1, and Slim Fast took Group 2.  After each Group finished the set, the groups flap-jacked for equal-opportunity.

Geraldo Group:
Head over to the rock pile near the baseball field and partner up.
Partner 1 completes called exercise with rock while Partner 2 runs a loop around the light post.
Flap jack until the total reps for each exercise is complete.
Round 1 100 Curls
Round 2 100 Overhead presses
Round 3 100 Tricep Extensions

Mosey to the shelter for the following exercises.
10 Decline Merkins
15 Dips
20 Step ups (10 each leg)
Jack Webb ladder up and down to 5

Slim Fast Group:
Mosey to field for 7’s on the hill — Squats at the top, burpees at the bottom
Mosey back to lower parking lot for some cardio:
4 line suicide, then sprint to 3rd island; rinse and repeat coming back
4 line suicide, then sprint backwards to 3rd island; rinse and repeat coming back
4 line suicide, then lunge walk to 3rd island; rinse and repeat coming back (you can thank me for this one on Saturday…)
4-island suicide; at each island, do 20 squats and 15 LBC’s; plank when done

Return to parking lot for some Mary:
Dolly x 20
Elbow Plank for 45 seconds
Rosalita x 20
Protractor with guest call by Semi-Gloss

Happy New Year, fellas!  Honored to be the first co-Q of 2015, and I know Geraldo concurs with that sentiment!  Everyone seemed to be on their game this morning despite a late night for several of you!

Geraldo was on the F3 charter jet last night from NYC… Thanks to him for the co-Q!

Udder and Drop Thrill brought rucks… nice work out there with the added weight!

Marge, great to workout with you for your now 4th F3 workout!  Great stuff out there!  Planning to see you alot in 2015!

Semi-Gloss notified us that he had 2 left gloves on… didn’t seem to slow him down, but we also expected to see his tuxedo shirt from last night.  He must have packed a bag ahead of time to keep in the car… well-played.  Spackler was taking a mid-morning break from his festivities, which will resume promptly at 12:00 Noon.

Frasier and Dear Abby were the least affected by the cardio administration from Slim Fast.  I guess I will need to build in some extra credit next time!

Great to workout with some PAX that I don’t normally get to workout with given the various workout schedules.  Crabcake, Wild Turkey, Icky Shuffle, Dear Abby, Udder, BLC… great to spend some quality time with you guys.

Thanks to everyone for your commitment to all of the F3 opportunities!  I know personally it has been a huge blessing for me both physically and spiritually to spend time with you guys each week!

Dolphin, thanks for the send-off prayer!

1.  Joe Davis Run 1/10
2.  Unbroken Movie 1/10
3.  Saturday 1/3 convergence at Ascent – Olde Providence Elementary
4.  Slim Fast, Geraldo, Sensei and Mr. Brady are taking #Rumrunner on the road to checkout the Joe Davis course this Sunday 1/4.  Slim Fast will send some more tweets… plan to meet at 0530 at Arbo ABC and we can clown car or convoy over to Joe Davis.  Plan to be back to Arbo no later than 0800.  

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Drop Thrill
7 years ago

Great beatdown brothers. I felt like crap this morning, but glad I came anyway.

Here’s to a great year and I can’t believe March will be one year in F3 for me. It’s flown by.

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