Squats and Partners, keep it simple

  • When:12/18/2014
  • QIC: Strange Brew
  • The PAX: Geraldo, Sensei, Freedom, Tawney, Whitesnake, Insomniac, Slim Fast, Hacker, Gullah, Strange Brew

Squats and Partners, keep it simple

10 pax posted to Peak 51 this Thursday for a little squat instruction and some simple but hopefully effective gloomy pain.  The way some were dressed out there you’d have thought it was cold but since that is all in your head it doesn’t matter, for those that couldn’t shake the cold idea we set off, almost 1 min late as Slim Fast let YHC know…


So now I’m sure you are wondering, what did the Peak 51 crew do on this fine morning?

Run around the school to the back parking lot

SSH x 20

IW x 20

MC x 10

Comments from Slim Fast were funny but invoked 10 boyo

Rock Hopper x 10

Squat clinic (remember, YHC is not a professional)

Over to the wooden benches hmmm too much frost, nix the jump up idea let’s do

10 Elevated CDD’s

15 Dips

20 Squats (gotta reinforce the lesson)

That was fun, let’s do it again

Over to the track

Partner up

Partner run to the far end of the track playground equipment for partner amrap pull ups + 2

Back to the parking lot side for 20 squats

Back to the playground equipment for amrap pull ups + 2 again

Back to the front for more squats

Then to the back for partner paddycake merkins x 10

Back to the front for something other than squats that YHC can no longer remember

Apparently Whitesnake was getting bored and wanted to know how much time was left (11 min)

Off to the school to take a break, have a seat…yes, you’re right Geraldo arm raises WOULD be a good idea, x 30 it is then stand up

Oh no wait, sit down again, let’s hold our arms out in front because some teacher was parking her car and this would look more odd than arm raises

Reminder to modify as needed and btw – YHC was hoping to outlast Geraldo but such was not the case (Meathead beast)

Back to the parking lot where we met up with a woman who said her name was Mary

Sid-The-Kid x 10 each way (don’t get the mumps as an adult, just as Sid)

Dolly x 25

Rosalita x 20

FYI Whitesnake we are now out of time, well done all.


After the relaxing start the pax pushed really hard today, had only a couple of 10 counts, YHC was clearly out of O2 as he called Hacker the wrong name…twice, sorry brother I’ll get it.  Saw some serious effort out there, Insomniac was YHC’s partner and he sure pushed me on the strength work, I tried to reciprocate on the running.  Sensei was demonstrating some good form after the squat clinic as were many of the pax, also noting many of the pax declaring that the might feel it a little differently on Friday.  Hope you did, form is important, speed less so. Didn’t look like Gullah broke a sweat so either its getting easier or the chill prevents you from sweating but either way, looking good.  Freedom was high fiveing everyone afterwards so must have enjoyed it.  YHC is always honoured to Q, especially this crew, what an awesome crew and great AO.


Joe Davis Run register here: http://joedavisrun.racesonline.com/register identify yourself as an A51 Pax in the team drop down

Convergence Christmas Eve (Dec 24) 0600 at Calvary (Anvil or The Rock site)

Unbroken movie watching 2nd F Jan 10th evening, great 1st F, 2nd F doubledown day

Thursday 1/1 Convergence at the Rock.. 7:00 AM, Geraldo and Slim Fast Q.

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High Tide
7 years ago

Looks like a good Q, Brew.

One more announcement – FNG Resolution Saturday, Jan 3 at Ascent. The Rock, Olympus, & Stonehenge are all converging at Ascent, with the goal of EH’ing our male friends & neighbors who are making New Year’s resolutions to get in shape. Let’s help them meet their resolution, and then some, by introducing them to F3!


7 years ago

Fantastic Q, Brew. (albeit yawn-inducing) loved the squat clinic. My quads and whatever the muscles on the inside of my thighs are called are screaming today. Or maybe that’s all the jumping around I did after winning the Ugly Sweater Contest at Vintner.

All kidding aside, I almost gave up (hence asking for the time). Absolutely smoked halfway through. Lesson learned: make sure to eat enough food the day before. Takes a lot of fuel to move all this hair around in the gloom.

Reply to  Whitesnake
7 years ago

EDIT: Typing on phone, hence the atrocious punctuation. Should read:

Fantastic Q, Brew (albeit yawn-inducing). Loved the squat clinic…

Punctuation matters!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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