That…may leave a mark…

  • When:12/18/14
  • QIC: High Tide
  • The PAX: Puddin' Pop, Floor Slapper, Starfish, Gecko, Donkey Kong, Blade of Glory, Chico, Lost Weekend, Butter, Joker, Zipadee, High Tide (Q)

That…may leave a mark…

12 pax posted at Hydra, not for 12 Days of Christmas (that’s way too mentally challenging for our Q) but for a lump of coal.  YHC unfurled his sack and unleashed his shortest, simplest #weinke ever.  Turns out, he walked away with the largest lump of coal.

The Thang


  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Merkins – 15 IC
  • Low Slow Squats – 20 IC
  • IW – 20 IC

Coal Mining:

  • Partner up, similar size
  • COP Field – P1: 12 situps, while P2 plank-holds P1’s feet.  Flapjack
  • Jog to outfield fence – 12 derkins with feet on top of the fence
  • Jog to concession stand – 12 jump ups on wall, benches, or bleachers
  • Jog to playground – 12 pullups, with partner assistance to make it easier or harder, as needed
  • Run around the school
  • Rinse & repeat until time called.  Each full lap is 1/2 mile.


  • Slow Freddie Mercury – 10 IC




  1. Area 51 Gear shirts – last day to order is Sat, Dec 20 – click here
  2. Christmas Eve convergence at Calvary Church – Death Valley, Anvil, The Maul – 0600?
  3. FNG Resolution Saturday – Jan 3, here at Ascent – convergence with The Rock, Olympus, & Stonehenge – EH a friend, neighbor, coworker
  4. Joe Davis run – Jan 10
  5. Unbroken movie night – Jan 10
  6. Palmetto 200 – Chico is assembling a 9-man team.  Needs 4 more.  Please let him know.
  7. Alexander Youth Network – volunteer opportunity – see weekly email or Joker for more details.

Iced Moleskin:

As YHC has made known to some already, he is signed up for his first ever race, the Joe Davis 5k (sign up here), and while some mileage is a good idea, nothing as crazy as Swift, Fast Twitch, or Devi’s Turn is on tap for this committed 0.0 pax.  Therefore, the #weinke was made to cover 1/2 mile loops of the Hydra AO, working in some basic exercises along the way.  Assuming the #six would run a 10:00 pace (YHC included), each lap should take about 5 min, plus 5 min for the exercise, meaning we’d complete 4+ loops in the 40 minutes allotted, post-COP, for 2.0 miles.  T-claps to all as we completed 5+ loops, for 2.5 miles, completing each lap in about 7-8 minutes!

After COP, YHC planned to lead the pax on a tour of the prescribed layout for the first lap, and then turn the thoroughbreds loose at their own pace.  Beginning with situps, no issues.  On to the fence derkins, again, no problem.  On the way to the concession area for jump-ups, YHC decided to take a route he never, ever takes.  Guess what?  There is a little rain washout area at the bottom of the berm behind the dugout.  Perfect for twisting an ankle and tossing you to the ground.  After calling out the next exercise for the pax, YHC sat this one out to collect his thoughts and assess the damage.  What started as a lot of pain, quickly subsided to a moderate level.  YHC stood, found that it didn’t hurt to walk on, and continued on with the workout.  It may turn out not to have been a good idea (YHC is not wise to this sort of stuff), but it didn’t really hurt to complete the 2.5 miles with the pax.  As I write this, however, it is a little sore, so I’ll continue icing it periodically and see what happens.  Thanks for all your support, and offers of a partner carry.

Aside from all that, great 2nd F out there today.  Really enjoyed chatting with and getting to know my partner, Floor Slapper.  Great to meet some new folks, like Butter and Starfish. Good to see BOG, Chico, Lost Weekend, & Gecko again, as well as the more familiar faces of Pudding Pop, Joker, DK, and Zipadee.  Hydra used to be a staple of YHC’s F3 diet, so it was great to get back out here today.

Thanks as always for the opportunity to lead, guys.  It’s always an honor.


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Cheese Curd
8 years ago

Sorry to miss the beat down HT. Finally my kids and M passed along their colds! I guess I will see the men of Area 51 after the new year.

Chico- I will try to catch you on Twitter, but I am interested in the Palmetto. Otherwise, shoot me an email

8 years ago

Solid Q. No frills, all pain.

Cheese Curd
Reply to  High Tide
8 years ago

HT, He’s chasing that info for me.

Chico…your hard to find hit me on my email on the email above.

8 years ago
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