It’s a Membership to the Jelly of the Month Club

  • When:12/13/2014
  • QIC: Hopper, Gummy
  • The PAX: Harley, Tootie, Alf, Big League Chew, Cable Guy, Steinbrenner, Sanka, Cheese Curd, Flutie Flakes, Deep Dish, Dead Lift, Hops, Hopper, Gummy

It’s a Membership to the Jelly of the Month Club

14 men gathered at The Rock for the gift that keeps on giving throughout the entire year. The shovel flag is still being cleaned by the previous owner, so with the VSF planted, we followed Hopper into the cold morning air.

Warmup – SSH, Mountain Climbers, IW. Off we go.

Follow Hopper and his whistle for a one mile run, mostly off campus. On the whistle, stop for 10x merkins for a few stops, then 10x flutter for a bit, finishing up with 10x heels to heaven. There was an extended plank-o-rama by Hops in there somewhere. End on the soccer fields.

Partner up. Size matters.
Partner carry 25 yards. Stop for 10x hand slap merkins. Flapjack partner carry another 25 yards.
Wheelbarrow 25 yards. Stop for 10x hand slap merkins. Flapjack, wheelbarrow 25 yards.
Partner sled push 25 yards. Stop for 10x hand slap merkins. Flapjack 25 yards.

Handoff to Gummy. Medium yog (soft j) to mosey to the top of the North Face, with a stop for flutter and dolly. Gather with your partner on the grass, not the driveway (#angrywhitesedan).

Partner 1 runs up the driveway, around the trees, down the hill and up North Face while partner 2 does the called exercise. Flapjack. Four times each partner – jump squats, hand release merkins, one leg jump onto curb, CDDs. Mercy.

Gather on the nearby field. Do mary exercise, in cadence. Sprint 50 yards. Sprint back to start. Repeat with LBCs, Rosalita, Russian Twist, Protractor, Cumberland County Viaduct.

Begin yog back to parking area. Stop for 20x dips, 20x derkins on picnic tables. Continue to parking area. Done.

Thanks to everyone who came out this morning. Hopper and I are honored to take over at The Rock. We hope we can carry on what Hops, Runstopper and Mall Cop started.

Hopper explained during the warmup that we’ll be focusing on three things for workouts at The Rock: running (goal is 2.5+ miles), limited (zero?) burpees, and moving around the AO. If you want to get better at running, but are scared of the crazy Fast Twitch and Devils Turn guys, come on out. We’ll make you better. The running will be designed to challenge the fastest guys, but not lose anybody. We covered about 3.25 miles today. My favorite part was when BLC said, after a trip up the North Face, “I thought this was a moderate workout.” Nope. Try Day Zero.

Area 51 private showing of Unbroken on January 10. Simba is event Q. Details and registration on the website.
Joe Davis Run is coming up. Details on the website.

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7 years ago

Love what you are doing with your BB titles. It’s real real nice

7 years ago

Simba is event Q for Unbroken

Cheese Curd
7 years ago

Good work Gummy and Hopper!

I am happy to say that I was at the first Rock workout over 2 years ago and now witness the new management taking over. Best of luck boys, it’s a great AO. I like that you have a mission statement (+miles and no burpees)

Flutie flakes, besides being my partner today, I know you wanted to make the BB for going sans sleeves! Mission complete

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