Random Cadence or not so Random

  • When:12/12/14
  • QIC: The Late Show
  • The PAX: Donut Hole, Hairband, Glass Joe, The Late Show (QIC)

Random Cadence or not so Random


*Posted by Glass Joe on behalf of The Late Show

‘Helluva dog… He sure likes to run.’

Good morning!
Two Hairband miles to get the blood moving. Circle up.


(14) Imperial walkers (which I forgot to have us do!)
(12) SSH
(11) Low Slow Squats

And off we go….

Stop at the elementary school for some people’s chair and banana over coconuts.

At the playground…
EE planning to knuckle down on form so let’s get some practice in around the track.
(5) good form merkins – eyes forward, chest to deck, slow and steady.
Run to next corner.
(10) good form squats – proud papa chest (congrats to Donut Hole and the M by the way… baby DH coming in March?), knees tracking with toes, butt back, lower back not hunched over.
(5) good form supine rows – good plank position- don’t arch that back, squeeze the shoulders, use your foot placement to modify weight as needed.
Run to next corner.
Good form lunges till we stop – eyes forward, feet and knees tracking in line, knees tracking with toes, knee barely kissing the ground.

Then off we go back to Middle School.
Stop at the gate for some plank work (shoulder taps and wallet grabs)
Mosey towards the bus area.
Stop for (5) burpees on your own and then (10) carolina dry docks just cause we were there.
Mosey along the gravel drive behind the MS.
Glass Joe spots the rails, so off we go hoping to do some rail slides.
Frost warning, so we swap the rail work for some bear crawl action up the ramp!
Stop at the top, look around, and lunge back down the ramp.

In the enclosed courtyard, back on the wall for some boc, then catch our breath with some one leg straight leg air deadlifts, (5) each leg.
Mosey to the bus courtyard for some Hairband work:
(10) Plerkins (elbow plank, hands tracking below shoulders, press yourself up to burn those triceps!)
(6) rounds of Jack Webb… we stop b/c of *cough* time constraints, yeah, that’s it…

Back to the covered railing at cafeteria for some Mary mixed in with supine rows.
(25) LBC’s, row work, some protractor work, row.

Finish up with
(14) back scratchers
(12) dolly’s
(11) flutters


Last Friday during Overdrive (and for the last few months) pain increased in my heels during and after running intense w/o’s. So much so last Friday that I wore the walking boot on one foot and would have worn them on both if I could have. Short story: I shaved my legs and got an appointment with the therapist at Monroe Aquatic & Fitness Center. Got worked on and kinesio-taped up and ran pain free for the first time since I remember. So this morning as I ran the HB mile I realized that it still didn’t hurt. I tossed out my original plan and we took off all over campus. Just for the joy of running.

As evidenced by the above training session I am not a fitness professional… However as a “professional” man of faith I offer this in explanation of the seemingly random 14.12.11 rep scheme at the beginning and end:

On 2014.12.11 Mama DropThrill passed away.

And so many F3 brothers will gather together to pay last respects to a greatly loved woman this coming Monday – Mama Drop Thrill. I dare say none of us knew her personally, but we will share the comfort of the Lord with her family and friends.
Because a time of parting is hard even when you know it’s coming.
And so we share God’s comfort because He offers it for any and all who turn their hearts toward Him. It’s hard to say a final goodbye to one who is loved, but that’s not all we will gather for… We will gather in a Christian service of worship. In our Presbyterian tradition this service is called not a funeral service, not even a memorial service, it’s called a witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. And brothers that is the focus of what we will do. It will be a celebration of a mutual hope of all believers in Jesus, that for us too there is life beyond the grave.
And so with love for her friends and family, with memories of Mama Drop Thrill, with sorrow over a final farewell, and with a celebration of Christ’s victory we can boldly pray:

As the ever present and ever loving Father, give us your comfort.
As one who came to live with us just as we are, share our burdens.
As the living word, speak to us of eternal things.
We ask in the strong name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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The Late Show
The Late Show
Reply to  Glass Joe
7 years ago

The random counts were planned… the rest… not so much. My original plan was to stay in the MS pkg lot and burn up the hill and the work on some power moves, but after floating around the pkg lot doing those HB miles, I couldn’t stop my feet. They had a need for speed!

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Glass Joe
7 years ago


Hair Band
7 years ago

Great crazy random lead this morning, we were all over the place but we shook off the frost and worked hard!


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