The Day the Music Stopped…

  • When:12/11/14
  • QIC: High Tide
  • The PAX: Brushback, Chanel (LIFO), Zipadee, Swiss Miss, Arena (FKA Wabbit), Bulldog, Fletch, High Tide (QIC)

The Day the Music Stopped…

8 pax ignored the warning and posted for a proclaimed beatdown.  Did it live up to the hyperbole?  Read on and judge for yourselves, but only those who were there really know what happened The Day the Music Stopped…

The Thang:


  • SSH – 20 IC
  • IW – 20 IC
  • Low Slow Squats – 20 IC
  • Merkins – 15 IC
  • Good Mornings – 15 IC with KB
  • Turkish Getups – 5 minutes  (crowd pleaser)

Partner Circuit:

  • P1:  Armor Builders
    • 2 double cleans
    • 1 double press
    • 3 double squats
  • P2:  Ab work while P1 completes exercise
    • situps
    • dolly
    • elbow plank
    • flutter
    • Louganis
  • Flapjack & repeat through 5 rounds

Playground circuit:

  • 5 pullups
  • 10 snatches (5 each arm)
  • 15 merkins
  • Rinse & repeat for 10 minutes

Ascending circuit:

  • Sumo deadlift high pull
  • Goblet squat
  • 2-hand swing
  • Rinse and repeat circuit for 15 minutes – beginning with 2 reps and increasing by 2 (2, 4, 6, …) until halfway, and Q calls to descend back down

Mary (audible):

  • LBCs – 20 IC
  • Slow Freddie Mercury – 10 IC (crowd pleaser)
  • 2-hand swings – 1 minute




  • Joe Davis Run – Jan 10
  • Unbroken – Jan 10 – Area 51 movie night
  • FNG Resolution Saturday at Ascent – Jan 3


Great group of guys this morning.  Plenty of mumble chatter early on (welcome, site FNG Zipadee!) and encouragement later on, when our chatter was spent.  The plan was for timed work, instead of counts, to enable both the faster pax (Bulldog, Fletch) and slower pax (YHC) to keep their heart rates up and push themselves to the limit.  Based on observation, I think the objective was met.

YHC accomplished a rare double today with two crowd pleasers!  First was the Turkish Getups.  Not sure if was just the TGUs, the fact that we were doing them on asphalt, or the combination.  We need the TGUs (they’re the broccoli of exercises), so next time we’ll mosey to the grass – YHC thought we’d be pressed for time today (we weren’t).  The second was the Slow Freddie Mercury’s at the end. (mental note – Bulldog kryptonite)

The Armor Builders were a strong start, after COP & TGUs, with heavy presses and front squats.  In a bit of a Q-fail, YHC realized in writing this up that he’d called for swings instead of cleans.  Sorry.  Knew something didn’t feel right about the transition to the press.

The Playground circuit was tough, as Bulldog remarked that none of the 3 exercises offered a break.  Aye.  Tougher than on paper.

By the time the Ascending circuit came around, we were spent.  Nonetheless, everyone pressed on, making it up to at least 10 before we started the descent, and at least a couple made it 12.

The only real complaint about the 22 degree temperature this morning came from YHC’s iPhone.  While the pax were shedding clothes and working through the playground circuit, the iPhone, which had been supplying our motivational tunes/distraction for the past 25 minutes, abruptly went silent and reported it was overheated and needed to cool down before continuing!  Of course, it was too cold, not too hot, and that in itself was a malfunction.  It didn’t resume functioning until it was back home, warm and toasty.  Learning: 25-30 minutes is the limit for an iPhone functioning in sub-freezing temps, unless it’s in your pocket (not happening at a workout).  Sound off below if you have an idea for keeping a phone warm during a workout (use pocket warmers?).  We really needed something to distract us for the rest of the workout as we suffered in silence, broken only by the grunts of sweaty men.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, gentlemen.  It’s always an honor.


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8 years ago

That is funny – my iPhone overheated this AM at Devils Turn as well. Shut down about 3 miles into the run and wouldn’t work until I got back home.

8 years ago

Nice Q HT. TGUs blow and so do slow Freddy Mercurys.

Highlight for me…Chanel coming in blind. Literally. Forgot to put in his contacts so drove wearing his prescription sunglasses. Priceless!

8 years ago

Yeah, that was not fun. Best part was I thought Probation was there the whole time, it wasn’t until Name-O-Rama that it turned out to be Arena!

Good Q HT, as always you deliver. You are like the butler from Mr. Deeds, very sneaky! The pain from your workouts always seem to sneak up on me later in the day!

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