This better be free cone day…

  • When:12/08/14
  • QIC: Bushwood
  • The PAX: Strange Brew, Baracus, Crunch Berries (FNG-Aaron B.), Barker, Agony, Chappy, Hamlet, Bout Time, Field of Dreams, Film Festival (Respect), Simba, Kirk, Bridges, Steinbrenner, Hannibal, Fruity Flakes, Big Willy, Kimpossible, Dick Clark, Rashard, Tantrum, Orlando, Catfish, Bushwood (Q)

This better be free cone day…

24 came out for a festivus miracle…we would all leave in awe.

The Thang

Run down Carmel to Carmel Pres. and circle up in the lot
–SSH (IC) x 25
–IW (IC) x 15
–Squats (IC) x 15
–Mountain Climbers (IC) x 15
–200 Burpees OYO, kidding, we only did 10

Run to other side of the church for a circuit on the benches:
–25 Dips
–25 Derkins
–25 Step-ups
–Take a lap around the parking lot
Repeat 2 more times

Partner up with similar size and speed and mosey down Sharonview View to Valencia Terrace (entrance to Governor’s Square)
–Run with your partner down Valencia Terrace to the Ben & Jerry’s. Stop at each speed bump or stop sign and perform the following:
–25 partner derkins at first speed bump
–20 partner derkins at stop sign
–15 partner derkins at second speed bump
–10 partner derkins at third speed bump
–5 partner derkins in front of Ben & Jerry’s

Mary at Ben & Jerry’s
–Flutter (IC) x 25
–Russian Twish (IC) x 20
–Heels to Heaven (IC) x 20

Run back up Valencia Terrace and complete partner LBCs at each stop (25, 20, 15, 10, and 5).

Run up Sharonview View and take a right on to La Gorce (Spanish for The Gorce).
–Partner carry to the stop sign (switch as needed)
–Modify to the second street light (except for Agony/Kirk and Orlando/Kimpossible who are both overachievers)

Hustle back to launch site.

6:17:35. You’re welcome for the extra 2:35.


The only plan I had today was to run and do some derkins. We did both very well today. 3.1 on the milage and 150 derkins. Also, got in 75 dips, 75 jump-ups, and 75 LBCs.

It was a good race up and down Valencia between the team of Barker/Hamlet and Agony/Kirk for the Feats of Strength trophy. I think Agony/Kirk won but I’m giving the trophy to Barker/Hamlet. Agony has putrid form. I don’t think his head leaves the ground on an LBC. And what is a #Sperkin anyways?

In a surprise to no one, Steinbrenner won the Airing of Grievances. We made it to Ben & Jerry’s and he promptly called out, “This better be free cone day!”. Agony had a strong “We better be taking a bus home”, but the tone of Steinbenner’s voice wins it for him hands down. Well played.

Strong performance by the FNG, Crunch Berries (he ate Captain Crunch with Berries for dinner last night. No spoon.). He’s a cross fitter. He pays to do the stuff we do. Quit Cross Fittering and do F3. It’s free and we are better.

Per #Bushwood style, we rolled in late. And I had a watch on. #Winning.

Great prayer by Hannibal.


Joe Davis 5K/10K on 1/10/15. They also have a 1 mile option if you like running with small kids.

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9 years ago

Good stuff today, Bushwood. You were fortunate to avoid the security guards.

Barker / Hamlet won the race down by more than we won the race back. Orlando and Kimpossible – lots of wingspan in that duo – won the “it’s not a race” partner carry. #itsalwaysarace

Field of Dreams
9 years ago

Agony only displays that LBC form when he can’t keep the camo Santa hat on his head.

9 years ago

The more I think about this BB the better it gets. The same cannot be said for the Bushwood beatdown. Thanks for the extra time. #classicbushwood

Other thoughts:
When it was time to partner up Hannibal wouldn’t even make eye contact
Crunch Berries crushed it.
Bridges crushed me
Partner LBC’s are pointless, maybe I’m doing something wrong
The fact that we were only 2 1/2 minutes late was a festivus miracle
We were lacking a silver pole

9 years ago

I was alerted to the trash talking of my workout form today.

My only response to this blasphemy:

If you don’t like viewing my form, it’s simple, get faster and in front of me.

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