Which way does that trail go?

  • When:12/3/14
  • QIC: Alf
  • The PAX: Splinter, Stage Coach, Strange Brew, Lazy Boy, Susidio (respect), Puddin' Pop, Salt Lick (Kotters), Harley, Floor Slapper, Sanka, Donkey Kong, Turkey Leg, Crawl Space, & Alf (Q)

Which way does that trail go?

14 PAX made the questionable decision to head into the woods of Death Valley.  The path was unclear and the gloom was thick, but the results were worth it.  Well – at least we did some work and made it back with 100% of the PAX and on time.

The Thang:

Turn on lamps and head over to rocks by the steps.  Grab a 1-handed rock and head off to the park through the woods.

At the Park COP:

LBC’s x 25 IC

Dolly x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Good Morning with Rock x 15 IC

Partner Up for the Alabama Slamma (Partner is for encouragement)  Each man does 20 Merkins, 20 Squats, then 19 of both, 18 and so on down to 1.


Head to the Playground:

P1 does pull-ups to failure while P2 does rock curls with rock in each hand.  Flapjack and repeat to 300 curls combined (OK – 200 with audible)

Repeat but P1 does hanging knee raises while P2 does rock fly’s on your back to 150 combined flys

Head back to SCMS and drop rocks

Mary:  Flutter x 25 IC with some Protractor.


Where to start….

  • Fantastic to have Salt Lick back with us and feeling a bit better.  YHC was eager to support and limit the sprinting and burpees but plenty of pull-ups and push-ups to balance it out.
  • Semi-Gloss – Takes on DV co-Site Q responsibility with Stage Coach.  HC’s to YHC at Skunk yesterday.  Calls out Spackler on Twitter to come to DV and not fartsack.  Then….  Well if you were there you know what he did.
  • But in lieu of Big, Hairy and Shirtless we had Donkey Kong – more of a medium, just as hairy, and today kept the shirt on, and thankfully he is one heck of a navigator in the woods.  In an effort to take a the shortcut to the park, YHC ended going too far south and not enough west, YHC might need this course:  https://www.goruck.com/navigator
  • Lots of discussion on Merkin and Squat form during the Alabama Slamma.  Donkey Kong offered to host a Merkin clinic at the end.  Not sure anyone took him up on that.
  • Splinter – posted and looked strong knowing full well his shoes were going to get dirty.
  • Thanks to Salt Lick for the strong send off and Stage Coach for the opportunity to lead at Death Valley
  • A great group of men as always and an honor to lead.



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Stage Coach
9 years ago

Great lead, Alf. And we have a new record for the fasted BB posting in A51. Awesome to have Salt Lick back in the gloom today.

Salt Lick
9 years ago

Thanks Alf for throttling back the running a bit. So appreciate you Stagecoach and your encouragement. 8 months is too long to be away.

Reply to  Salt Lick
9 years ago

Salt Lick – Posted at Anvil this am, but had to comment – its great to hear you are back out in the gloom.

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