You can’t triple audible a double audible

  • When:11/24/14
  • QIC: Kirk
  • The PAX: Hannibal (added), Tootie, Barrier, Bushwood, FNG Wade Tapp - Kimpossible (see moleskin), FOD, Want Ad, Brushback, Hopper, Simba, Big Tuna, Agony, Orlando, Cupid, Dick Clark, Hairball, Hamlet, Kitt Katt, Reshard, Steinbrenner, Church Bus, Godspeed, About Time, Catfish, Carranza (I know this isn't right, but it's what Siri got), Tantrum, Flutie Flakes, Kirk (Q) - missing a LIFO, just prior to COT

You can’t triple audible a double audible

As we enter the holiday week, a full 29 entered the DMZ for a taste of the unknown on this unseasonably warm morning.  I wanted to take full advantage of what may be our last warm morning and get some miles in…only that’s not quite what happened.

The Thang:

Fast mosey to Church’s side lot for SSH and merkins.

Fast mosey down Colony with a stop at the guard rail for dips and derkins (sorry about the mud, Hamlet).  Rough time at this point is 5:40, and this is when the mental Weinke went out the window.

Mosey down Colony with abrupt left across Colony and down a trail in the woods #dangerzone #disclaimer that took us to Mountainbrook Swim & Racquet Club.  Mosey through trail, in the dark (we needed your headlamp today, Skywalker), calling out rocks, roots, puddles, etc.

Quick COP of squats and merkins in the field – allowing Q time to survey the available options.

Playground circuit:  10 pull ups, 20 merkins, 30 LBCs (repeato)

Down to the tennis courts – partner up (yes, size matters)

Partner wheelbarrow with 5 derkins at each white line
Partner carry with 5 squats at each white line
Regular suicides touching each white line and back

Up to the covered area for Mary:

LBCs x50
Russian Twist x somethinglessthan50
Boone LBCs x 10 each side
Freddie Mercury x25ish
Rosalita x20ish

Mosey back up to Colony.  Plank for the six.  Mosey back up Colony to Church at Charlotte.  Mountain Climbers for the six.  Mosey to covered breezeway of CaC.

Flutters x20ish
Maybe something else
10 burpees OYO

Mosey around our friendly taxi and back to COT.


Weeks ago I’d decided it was time to revisit Pellyn Wood, but then this happened:

I had an old track workout in mind, but I wanted to cover new ground on what may be our last warm morning of fall, so that was out.  Narrowed it down to the aptly named on Strava Widowmaker (up Sharon View from Olde Providence Rd), but wanting to also incorporate pull ups, it was really either Sharon Elementary or Olde Providence Elementary (both locations that could accomodate pull ups).  Both are exactly 2 miles from the AO.  We were headed to Sharon with a scheduled stop at the guard rails, when I saw Pax strung out up Colony.  Had to audible.  Fortunately, Agony knew the trail, having it stored in his back pocket for an unscheduled later lead at DMZ, otherwise we may still be running back from Sharon.

More fortuitously, the small playground at the swim club had a spot for pull ups and tennis courts for suicides.

Whole lot of Mary.  I’m pretty sure we exceeded the six minute max.  Just consider it your down payment for Thanksgiving.  Or, my way to keep the mumble chatter to a minimum as I was winging it.

FNG today, brought out by Bushwood.  Initially named Rooney – principal from Farris Bueller – however, I didn’t make the connections until after COT (that he married a girl that I knew in college), so I’ve got to exercise Q privilege here for a re-name.  Wade Tapp your F3 name is henceforth and forevermore: Kimpossible.

Simba – thanks for the takeout.

Hope all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving week.
– Kirk


Project #soleredemption delivered over 1000 pairs of shoes this Saturday.  Strong work by F3 making a tangible difference in the lives of men across our city.

Area 51 on Thursday at Olde Providence – need to RSVP for the Turkey Bowl
Metro on Thursday at AG
Mini convergence on Friday at Casbah at 5:45 (hour) for Fortress, Armor, and Casbah

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9 years ago

I’m so glad I went to Muthaship over this. Kirk, you usually provide an excellent Q but the mud, dark trails, and rocks? Sounds like the Weinke did you wrong.

9 years ago

Kimpossible…nuff said.

You were going to run 4 miles just for pull-ups??? Seems excessive.

9 years ago

After a Bushwood warned me early on I have since successfully avoided all Kirk Q’s. That streak has been broken. Good work Kirk.
I think Hannibal is the one missing.

Reply to  Kirk
9 years ago

If I would have known we were running to pull-up bars, I would have ran faster to get the most pull-ups in. #wheelhouse #not

I’ll bring a frisbee to your next Q.

9 years ago

Bushwood warned me that you loved to run, but I am trying to become a stronger runner so I am glad I was there. However, this workout could definitely used more frisbees.

I was also pointing out that I think Hannibal was the one left off the BB. He was there and was crushing it.

9 years ago

Aye. Was there, but there may have still been a LIFO (I was Full Time).

Nice Q, Kirk. Wasn’t sure for a while about that trail, but it worked out well and new AO’s are always welcome. Oh, and the partner wheelbarrows with derkins were awful. Was very glad when you didn’t say “Rinse and Repeat.”

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