Varsity Try Outs

  • When:11/17/14
  • QIC: BT (VQ) and Simba
  • The PAX: Rashard, Crawlspace, Relo, Robin Hood, Fireman Ed, Pele, Geraldo, Ralphie, Vandalay, Steinbrenner, Doc, Bushwood, Simba (Co-Q), Big Top (Co-Q)

Varsity Try Outs

It was cold, it was rainy, but 14 Uncle Rico’s came to relive glory days by entering the time machine and facing their fears at varsity tryouts with the goal of becoming one of A51’s 3 sport lettermen. When they exited their cars they were greeted by Coach BT and Coach Simba, both aptly dressed in typical coach, we bout to sweat, headbands. With whistles hanging around necks we were off.

The Thang

COP (Simba)

  • 2 Laps around the parking lot with some butt kickers, high knees and mumble chatter mixed in.
  • Sufficiently disclaimed (or possibly insufficiently, based on Doc’s “Was that the Disclaimer?” comment… That’s how we do in the hinterlands #ThisAintMetro),
  • COP: SSHx15, 20x Low Slow Squats x 15, IWx15

Basketball Try-outs (Big Top)

  • Who’s ready to run the picket fence? Mosey to the far end of the parking lot for basketball tryouts with Coach Big Top
    • Partner up, heavyweight/lightweight (yes Rashard, you ARE a heavyweight)
    • Lightweights start with called exercise on the sidewalk, Heavyweights suicides on the court. Flapjack to complete 1st Winning team each round 2 burpees, losing teams 5 burpees.
      • Round 1 – Merkins
      • Round 2 – LBCs
      • Round 3 – Hand release merkins

Football Try-outs (Simba)

  • Forget Friday Night Lights, we’ve got Monday Morning Gloom. Mosey to the field for football tryouts with Coach Simba.
    • Line up on the near goal line for some up downs at each whistle. (There was some debate from Rashard as to whether these were up downs or burpees. Coach Simba’s response: “Don’t back talk me on my field maggot.” This jawing earned an extended session which only eneded when Robin Hood cried out for mercy).
    • Next up, run the field..Starting on the end line, 1st whistle mosey, 2nd whistle sprint, 3rd whistle called exercise.
      • Merkins
      • LBCs
      • Squats
      • Last round, only Sprints and Mosey.

Baseball Try-outs (Big Top)

  • There ain’t no crying in baseball. Mosey to the diamonds for baseball tryouts with Coach Big Top.
    • Bad News Bears relay=Find your partner, Lightweights start at home plate and bear crawl to their Heavyweight partner who is planking at first base. When their Lightweight partner arrives at 1st the heavyweights bear crawl to 2nd, lightweight bear crawls to third, heavyweight bear crawls home.
      • Round 1 – Bear crawl
      • Round 2 – Walking lunge
    • Need some speed work along the foul lines. Heavyweights sprint to right field fence, Lightweights sprint to left field fence.

Get Your Swole On Circuit (Simba and Big Top)

  • If we are going to be competitive we need to get stronger. Let’s get our swole on with two circuits of pain led by coach Simba.
    • 15 dips
    • 15 jump/step ups
    • 15 supine pull-ups
  • Follow Coach Big Top to the wall located outside the latrine for some People’s Chair, 2 rounds.
    • Round 1 – 30s
    • Round 2 – with 20 air presses
  • 6 MOM
    • Rashard led the PAX with 20x low slow flutters
    • Crawlspace led the PAX with some protractor pain
    • Relo led the PAX with 15x Rosalita
    • Robin Hood led the PAX with 20x Freddy Mercuries


Coaches Notes, taken in the Moleskine of course:

  • Workouts are always more fun when there is chatter, and this morning did not disappoint. It did not take long for Bushwood and Doc to break Simba. It happened when he quietly complimented his Cadence saying it sounded extra military this morning #FakeNavySeal
  • The basketball suicides were harder than BT imagined. I saw many who were gassed, BT was thrown off f after trying to keep up with Geraldo one time. #rubbinsracin
  • Simba had a few misfires with the whistle. “Was that a whistle? No, that was an exhale!”. #exhale #inadvertantwhistle
  • BT had some trouble with merkin counts somewhere along the way. The PAX knew it was coming…it was like chum in the water. 3…3….3…3
  • Crawl Space brought a bag of shoes AND his A game. The dude is fast and getting faster.
  • Baseball tryouts had an international flavor. BT requested 10 counts in Spanish and German to show love to the many talented Latin American’s and German’s who rep it in the MLB.
  • Base Camp finished #SoleRedemption with 45 Pair, Great work guys!  We will see if we make the podium.  Pray for the men that will wear those shoes one day!
  • Many thanks to all who came out and supported BT’s VQ even if it was a co-Q. #F3UTC

Results are posted in the Gym.  Spoiler Alert: We now have 14 new Varsity Athletes. Good work men.


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9 years ago

Tclaps to BigTop on the VQ. OBT would’ve been proud also of the full disclaimer announced before the first COT #nofaultF3. I made it safely back to Metro-land, crossing the DMZ, noting with much satisfaction my Uptown Church bros just dominating the scene in A51. Strong work gents….glad I was to be a part of it. Now….about getting you all to Ranger, Sharktank, and the new HeHateMe, the invitation is open.

9 years ago

Great VQ Big Top I enjoyed the variety in the Weinke. Loved the matching head bands, future F3 gear?

9 years ago

Sorry I missed this one, BT. Sounds like it was a doozy. Next time, for sure. See all y’all maniacs in the gloom soon.

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