Its all about the shoes, money!

  • When:11/8/2014
  • QIC: Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Mall Cop, Bug Eater, Stage Coach, Sweetness, Iron Horse, deadlift, deepdish, crablegs, Harley, flipper, Frashier, Spandex, Duncan and Yogart

Its all about the shoes, money!

 Mall Cop and Bug EATER Arm Wrestle15 men gathered in the gloom ready for a good ole fashon beatdown.

The Thang’ run to Willams R Davies Park. On the way – COT

  • SSH x20
  • Imperial Walker x25
  • Burpees x20
  • LBC x20
  • Nipplers x40 ((O.Y.O) 20 each nipple)
  • Burpees x15
  • Mountain Climbers x20
  • Russian Twist x20
  • Burpees x10
  • Mirkens x15
  • Diamond Mirkens x10 
  • Burpees x5

Playground work… 3 rounds

  • Pull Up x15
  • Dips x25
  • Dirken/Revrse Crunch x25

Run though the woods…to Track – Jump fence – break up into two groups: FOUR COURNERS ON THE TRACK Repeat 2X

Set #1:

  • Jog to 1st corner
  • Jump Squats x25
  • Jog to 2nd corner
  • Mirkens x25
  • Jog to 3nd corner
  • LBC x20
  • Jog to 4th corner
  • Burpees x20

Set #2: same as above but reduce to 10

Indian Run back to Launch at Calvary

Naked Moleskin:

Its the Shoes Money’ Bring your shoes.  Fast forward to coffeteria at Starbucks.  My shoes busted a small seam and I decided let everyone know.. well Bugeater and Mall Cop both were like, I want those shoes!  Some one suggested they arm wrestle for them. So they did!  It was neck and neck for about .30 seconds then MC got caught and Bug Eater took advantage.  Thats all she wrote!  Check out the video.

Sign up for Joe Davis run 2ND weekend in Jan 

Christmas Party – Dec 6 – Hard commit by 11/20

Winter gear – COMING SOON!  No tights, but some cool hoodies and 1/4 zip all by mudgear.

Peace out.



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9 years ago

Looks burpeelicious!

Mall Cop
Mall Cop
9 years ago

This looks terrible, can’t wait!

Mall Cop
Mall Cop
9 years ago

It was all about #Soleredemption! I wanted them for our #s at The Rock & Bug wanted then for his #s at Hydra, so naturally the only way to settle it in F3 is with a CSAUP arm wrestling match. We have about the same strength but I got complacent & Bug broke my wrist lock. When that happened I was just trying to hold on for dear life. I thought once or twice that I could re-lock my wrist but it just wasn’t going to happen.

T-claps to Bugeater for this one, but I’m taking him down next time! And T-claps to Run Stopper for takinG the shoes off his feet to donate! Aye!

9 years ago

Mallcop, great entertaining match. I did catch a break. Runstopper props for the shoe donation and walking out of SBucks shoeless. Let’s rally for the shoes baby. Final week!

Huskers 1, Tide 0

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