No Haggis, No Bricks, No Problem

  • When:10/31/14
  • QIC: Chelms aka Tater Tot
  • The PAX: Chelms, Checkpoint (KB), Abacus, About Time, Puppy Love, Boutique, Mermaid, Cane, Brush Back, Wing Man, Freud, Frasier, Rip Curl, Scabby, Red Rocks, Dear Abby, missing 1 - shout out in comments for credit (if you are keeping score)

No Haggis, No Bricks, No Problem

With our fearless site leader out, the virtual shovel flag was planted and 17 of F3’s finest shook off the Panther lose and met in the gloom for their weekly dose of Centurion.   The clock hits 5:30 and Haggis is not to be found so off we go with YHC making it up as we go (like I do even when I know if have the Q).

The Thang:

Jog to small parking lot for COP

SSHX20, 10 hand release burbees OYO (HRBOYO), MC’sX20, 9 HRBOYO, Peter ParkersX20, 8 HRBOYO, Slow SquatX20, 7 HRBOYO, Wide arm merkinsX15, 6 HRBOYO, jumping lunges 20 total movements, 5 HRBOYO

Jog to pool parking lot for triple nickle with merkins at top and squats at bottom

  1. Round 1 – bear crawl
  2. Round 2 – crab walk
  3. Round 3 – bear crawl
  4. Round 4 – crab walk
  5. Round 5 – burpee broad jump

Jog to shopping center at corner of Carmel and 51 for Jamboree special – run the steps with 11 HRBOYO at the top, 10 in the lot and keep running the circuit going down the ladder to 1 (6 total trips – switched to flying squirrels at 7)

6MOM – low dolly, high flutter, Freddie Mercury, low flutter all X20

Jog to tables at front of school for step ups, dips, derkins

  1. Round 1 -10 of each
  2. Round 2 – 10 of each
  3. Round 3 – 15 of each
  4. Round 4 – 20 of each

Naked moleskin:

A few of the new guys didn’t know what a Haggis is and were not sure he/it really exists (only 1/3 of Americans visiting Scotland believe it) but will have to wait for the next time to confirm as we headed out without our man on site.   Hoping he is ok and just had too much fun watching the American version of football.

Frasier and Checkpoint were out front for the stair work but I’m not going to give them a Larry Bird since they are not the slow like LB.   I would have given them a LB if they had lapped me.

Mermaid gets the big brick next time for pointing out that Abacus beat me in the triple nickle (#motivation for next time – never let your little brother beat you).  Abacus is getting stronger and faster so not as easy as it was a year ago.

Lots of new faces to Centurion this am – great to see you guys and hope you got your money’s worth (even with a substitute Q). Strong effort by all.


Joe Davis memorial run.   See F3 Nation home page for pre-blast and link to sign up.   Double down opportunity with 10k and 5k separated by 30 minutes so you can do both.

Tutoring started up and we can always use help.  Contact me at if interested in learning more.   Otherwise, find another way to make #Impact either by helping out in other efforts or starting something up on your own #starfish, #reverseflow #ISI

Please remember to bring old shoes next week.

As always, it was an honor to lead such a great group this am




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9 years ago

Icky Shuffle – the 17th man. #coldcuts

9 years ago

You have 2 big bricks Chelms. Brought you a match for your custom birthday brick for symmetry’s sake a while back. You forget already? Something tells me you would not allow another man to carry them, but I would be honored. Nice job stepping in for Haggis. Solid beatdown today.

Good to see Dear Abby out again. He is new to A51 as he recently moved south; did his previous F3 work with Metro. Good to have you. Nice to see Bout Time at Centurian. A fellow Sturnbridge resident along with myself and Cane. Keep on coming out. Aye

9 years ago

Don’t know what to say except thanks Chelms for stepping in. Disaster on the Haggis front. 7pm Thursday night… feeling a bit tired…. made decision to “smart sack”. Totally forgot I was on Q the next morning until TR reminded me around noon.

No excuse whatsoever. Gonna take a while to live this one down.

Thanks Chelms!!

Reply to  Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

except for this morning…

9 years ago

Sorry for the no show fellas. I needed to rest my knee again. I only have 2 pairs of shoes at this point. Stick them in the trunk of your cars so you don’t forget fellas.

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