Fast Twich Pre-blast: Tiger Leg

Fast Twich Pre-blast: Tiger Leg

The Q Schedule may say Turkey Leg but you’re going to get 100% Grade A beef instead.

Never you mind that I’ve never Q’d a running workout; my running resume, like George O’Leary’s, speaks for itself:

  • Came in 4th in my waist size at the 1985 Husky’s Chub Rub 1k.
  • I ran for Djibouti National Team in the Horn of Africa¬†Amateur Steeplechase circuit in 95.
  • Dominated my then 10-year old daughter in the 2010 Jingle Jog.
  • I have two dead toe nails and calluses so thick you could set flames to them. #GGordonLiddy
  • I’ve read several running books, including that one with shirtless guy on the front where he calls the pizza man to meet him in the desert; Born To Run (you should read this one); and, just recently completed The Perfect Mile (which is even better than Born to Run).
  • I read all of Brat’s backblasts. ¬†And even understand some of them.
  • I follow Nash on Twitter (congratulations on finally besting my PR)
  • I have a mole in the shape of the Nike swoosh.

With sterling credentials such as these, you’d be a fool not to post.


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Stump Hugger
8 years ago

With that pathetic running resume you could always take on the Burpee mile

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Stump Hugger
8 years ago

Churpee mile is much faster.

Chelms aka Tatertot
8 years ago

Glad to see we finally have someone with adequate training to Q Fast Twitch. Plus, TL’s watch is broken (based on his Q 2 weeks ago) so he may need more time to get it fixed.

8 years ago




Reply to  Horsehead
8 years ago

The plates have been on the track before.

8 years ago

This workout could be dangerous. And speaking of running books, I went on a running book binge over the summer. Here are my “Joker ratings” for the 13 I remember reading:

5 Star Rating
– Bowerman and the Men of Oregon
– Running with the Buffaloes [University of Colorado]
– 14 Minutes [Alberto Salazar]
– The Perfect Mile
– Marathon Man [Bill Rodgers]

4 Star Rating
– Running with the Kenyans
– Pre: the Story of America’s Greatest Running Legend

3 Star Rating
– Running for My Life: One Lost Boy’s Journey

2 Star Rating
– Run!: 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss [Dean Karnazes]

1 Star Rating
– Daniels’ Running Formula [as the title suggests, kind of dry and technical]
– More Fire: How to Run the Kenyan Way [the content of this book could have been condensed into a two page paphlet]

0 Star Rating
– Once a Runner [turns out this was a novel about running; a bad novel at that]
– What I Talk About When I Talk About Running [just brutal… couldn’t finish it]

Reply to  Joker
8 years ago

The Joker Book Club

8 years ago

I’ve read a few running books. All were 0 stars. Maybe I’m going to the wrong place:

– Running with the Runs
– Nude Strides – Flopping isn’t just for Soccer Stars
– Pizza Sauce, the Next Chocolate Milk
– Couch to Pre K
– Couch to Coach K
– Running and Peeing, a total experience (little known sequel to George Sheehan’s 1st book)

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