Variety is the Spice of Life

  • When:10/23/14
  • QIC: Stagecoach
  • The PAX: Gummy, Chico, Floor Slapper, Harley, Cheese Curd, Backdraft, Ponce, Switzer (FNG - Christian D.), Stagecoach

Variety is the Spice of Life

Disclaimer x1

Lap around the school x 1

Diamond Burpees x 10
SSH x 51
1 legged Burpees x 10 (R)
IW x 30
Double Burpees x 10
Slow Squat x 15
1 legged Burpees x 10 (L)
LBC x 30
Regular Burpees x 10
Lap around the school x 1

LOP (Line of Pain):

Mountain Climbers x 20
Plank walk left
Shoulder taps x 20
Plank walk right
Mountain climbers x 20
Lap around the school x 1

Upper body circuit on bleachers:
Round 1:  derkins/dips/incline merkins x 20 each
Round 2:  derkins/dips/incline merkins x 15 each
Round 3:  derkins/dips/incline merkins x 10 each
Round 4:  derkins/dips/incline merkins x 5 each

Lap around the school x 1

Pull-ups x 10
Heels to Heaven x 15
Jump Squats x 20
3 rounds

1 minute of plank-o-rama



– Perfect weather for a workout…40 degrees at the start, but by everyone was warm by the second round of burpees

– Great work by all.  Hope you enjoyed the variety today.

– What is it with Hydra?  Is everyone afraid to show up before 5:28?

– YHC enjoyed some of the mumble chatter this morning.  Cheese Curd was especially chatty.  He even called for more 1 legged burpees.

– Couple of moments where YHC had the pax off-balance with my head fakes.  A couple claimed I was making up the weinke as we went along.  Come on, man!

– The LOP is no fun.  I think my shoulders are still numb.


– Welcome to our FNG Switzer (OSU alum) who is visiting Backdraft from Atlanta this week

– Keep collecting used athletic shoes for donation to Charlotte Rescue Mission.


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Cheese Curd
9 years ago

Lots of of double moves all AM. This veteran Q used every method in the book to confuse the Pax: head fake, deep stares, change of speed and direction, even 2bl burpees. It was so bad that during a lap of the school, Gummy took a moment to look back and ended on my back…nope, no call for partner carriers Gummy!

Misdirection didn’t work, instead the wicked call of LOP which smoked the shoulders, at least for YHC.

Good beat down Stage coach!

9 years ago

Stage Coach swoops in for his first Hydra Q and he throws down burpees and LOP. Looks hurtful. Thanks SC for the pax beat down. I plan to rejoin F3 nation next week.

Thanks for the 1 pair of shoes donated. I will look to get more shoes next week.

You just had to go with Switzer for our FNG! Mean! Welcome out. And good to see backdraft on pax lineup.

Next up is Hops next Thursday!

Reply to  Bugeater
9 years ago

Had to bring the shoes to let you know at least somebody read the pre-blast. They do give real meaning to the term used. I think they have the lone marathon of my life on them (not lone marathon to date — won’t be another). When I realized that I almost ran back home with them. But hey, I have my number, my medal and my wristband from the post-race visit to CMC.

FNG Switzer was not loving the OU nicknames, which is all the more reason it had to happen.

Reply to  Chico
9 years ago

Sounds like you did a marathon and survived to tell about it. And thanks for being the “one” who read the pre-blast and brought some shoes. Totally appreciate it. Everyone else save your shoes for your “hydra” deposit next week.

9 years ago

so what exactly is a double burpee?

Reply to  Champagne
9 years ago

“demo please…” Guessing legs back twice before coming up?

Reply to  Champagne
9 years ago

Two pushups and two jumps. Kinda weird. But better than more one-legged burpees.

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