Um…the dog just Q jacked me

  • When:10/13/14
  • QIC: Prohibition
  • The PAX: Gumbo, Uncle Leo, Turkey Leg, Lobster Roll, Snowflake, Floorslapper, Tiger Rag, Countertop, Strange Brew, Coal Miner's Daughter, Alf, Heartbreaker, O'Tannenbaum, Ice9, Holy Hitman, Prohibition (QIC)

Um…the dog just Q jacked me

16 Men (and one dog) decided to celebrate the voyage of Christopher Columbus with a beatdown at The Matrix.  With the disclaimer disclaimed, we jumped right into the first exercise.  It went something like this:


The Thang:

-Merkins x 18

-LBC x 15

-Diamond Merkin x 15

Mosey to lower parking lot and circle up.

-SSH x 25

-Low Slow Squat x 25

-Mountain Climber x 25

-Rock Hopper x 20

Mosey back up and to the land of the stumps.


Pyramid of Pain

-Incline Merkins on Tires x 10

-Full Situps w/ feet under tires x 10

-Jump Ups on the stumps x 10

-Dips on the stumps x 10

-Run to playground for pullups (as many as you can in good form)

Rinse & Repeat. Round 2 = 20 reps, Round 3 = 30 reps, Round 4 = 20 reps, Round 5 = 10 reps

Various Plankoramas between each set w/ different PAX leading (Thanks Ice9 for the Makhtar Ndiayes)


Mosey to big wall on the front of school.

-Wall Walk as far as you can go then straight into People’s Chair

-People’s Chair with hands out front and heels up.  Each Pax counts down from 10 = total 160 count (partially in German)

-20 Derkins OYO

Mosey back to cars mixing in butt kickers, high knees, then all you got sprint.



-Flutters x 20 (5 slow count)

-Dollies x 20 (5 slow count)

-LBCs x 30

-1 minute of Burpees


The Naked Moleskin:

It was a nice cool morning for a beat down with a bigger than usual crowd at The Matrix.  After YHC claimed this was “my workout”, I was quickly told otherwise by Snowflake’s four legged friend that he was in charge of the COP.  I had planned for more merkins and more LBCs, but I could not keep my cadence together with all of his barking and attempted Q Jacking so I had to bail and move us down to the lower lot.  Just for the record, the dog had a better cadence call than me.

Really great work by all today.  The round of 30 jump ups got pretty tough on the wet stumps.  I was very glad we didn’t have any Stump Hugger wannabes with us.  YHC didn’t plan on having 16 PAX show up, so I should have changed up the wall walk as several got bunched up at the back.  Also, about half way through the People’s Chair/Count I realized maybe I should have gone with 5 counts instead of 10.  The legs were severely shaking about half way through.


Christmas Party location suggestions within Area 51? Looking at 12/6 or 12/13 for dates. Contact Prohibition.

– New Union County Workout on Friday morning at Sun Valley Middle School – Overdrive

– The Matrix is a weekly workout, join us!

– Davis Resolution Run coming up January 10th with 5k & 10k options.  Team format.  More details to come.

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Stump Hugger
9 years ago

Taking my name in vain

9 years ago

Fun workout, Prohibition. And happy birthday to Tiger Rag, who is now only a half-carton of eggs away from Respect. Speaking of respect, Lobster Roll is a beast. #strongshellfish

9 years ago

A solid Q this morning. And way to stay focused between the dog in the car and the rooster by the field.

9 years ago

Great Q Prohibition!
It was good to get back to The Matrix. The Pyramid of Pain was definitely unsavory.
Sorry for the Q-jack by the 4.0; There is a reason his F3 name is Irrational Exuberance.
He usually keeps cadence at DMZ on Mondays……

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