K.I.S.S. – Welcome Dr. Love

  • When:10/11/2014
  • QIC: The Hoff
  • The PAX: Jordy, Whitesnake, Mighty Mite, Brushback, Winterplace, Big League Chew, FNG Dr. Love (aka Jim Brokowski), The Hoff QIC

K.I.S.S. – Welcome Dr. Love

YHC performed a EH when a runner (G. Brokowski) was running around the track at Elizabeth Lane. The team noticed him running and someone said “why not ask him to join”, so YHC went over, explained what we were doing and who were were…needless-to-say, our HC didn’t miss a beat.  He killed it out there.  Never underestimate the power F3 Gear can have.

The Thang:

Warm up:

SSH x 30

Windmill x 20

Overhead Arm Claps x 30

Shoulder Rotations Forward x 10

Shoulder Rotations Backward x 10

Overhead Arm Claps x 20

Superman Jump Squats x 20

Partner Up: Cross-Fit Ladder w. Weights

– P1’s split up into group and step 10 yards to the left; P2’s remain in starting spot
– P1 performs exercises, then sprints to tree-line and to P2’s start point
– P2 also performs exercises, then sprints to tree-line and back to P1’s start point

Round 1: Kettle Bells

P1 Overhead Press x 15; P2 Upright Row x 15
P2 Overhead Press x 15; P1 Upright Row x 15
P1 Overhead Press x 14; P2 Upright Row x 14
P2 Overhead Press x 14; P1 Upright Row x 14
P1 Overhead Press x 13; P2 Upright Row x 13
P2 Overhead Press x 13; P1 Upright Row x 13
P1 Overhead Press x 12; P2 Upright Row x 12
P2 Overhead Press x 12; P1 Upright Row x 12
P1 Overhead Press x 11; P2 Upright Row x 11
P2 Overhead Press x 11; P1 Upright Row x 11
P1 Overhead Press x 10; P2 Upright Row x 10
P2 Overhead Press x 10; P1 Upright Row x 10

Round 2: Kettle Bells

P1 Overhead Squat x 10; P2 KB Lunges x 10
P2 Overhead Squat x 10; P1 KB Lunges x 10
P1 Overhead Squat x 9; P2 KB Lunges x 9
P2 Overhead KB Squat x 9; P1 KB Lunges x 9
P1 Overhead KB Squat x 8; P2 KB Lunges x 8
P2 Overhead KB Squat x 8; P1 KB Lunges x 8
P1 Overhead KB Squat x 7; P2 KB Lunges x 7
P2 Overhead KB Squat x 7; P1 KB Lunges x 7
P1 Overhead KB Squat x 6; P2 KB Lunges x 6
P2 Overhead KB Squat x 6; P1 KB Lunges x 6
P1 Overhead KB Squat x 5; P2 KB Lunges x 5


P2 Overhead KB Squat x 5; P1 KB Lunges x 5

GEAR TIME: 30 Minutes:

– Split Pax into 2 groups

– First 4 work on the gear stations (Fire hose is the timer)

– Second group performs non-stop KB exercises

– Teams Flapjack; Rinse and Repeat 30 Minutes

Gear Stations:

Fire Hose Run 100 Yards

Weighted Sled Pull x 70 Yards

Hairburners w. 45lbs plate x 50 yards

Power Cleans and Press 115lbs Barbell

Kettle Bell Exercises:

– Cleans, Rack, Swing, Bicep Curl, Tricep Extension, Renegade Rows


– 8 rounds

– P1 performs Medicine Ball Squat Thrusts (catch 1 bounce) 40 yards

– When P1 returns, hands Medicine Ball to next Pax, and calls out Mary Exercise

Exercises: Daisy Dukes, LBC, Russian Twists, Protractor, Flutter Kicks, Plank, Dolly, Freddie Mercury



Today was a lot of fun.  We have a strong group of guys each week that are seeking a little more our of a traditional workout.  Each guy simply killed it out there.  The overall individual efforts keep getting better and better each week.  Whitesnake is truly coming into his own…T-Claps to him as he upped his bell by 10 lbs and didn’t miss a beat #gettinafterit!

We also had 3 FNG’s today, 2 that were FNG’s to the site and 1 new F3 FNG.  Gene aka. Dr. Love ( just thought he was heading out for a normal jog around the track, boy was he surprised…however he (as I mentioned above) didn’t miss a beat and fit right in.  Strong work and huge T-Claps for jumping right in to Olympus as your first Post.  We hope you enjoyed it and really appreciated having you today.  See you next week?

To all the others, it was an honor to lead this group today.  Efforts like this make being a Q so rewarding.  Thank you and hope to see each of you again in the future.

Respectfully – The Hoff

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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

They call me Dr. Love… calling Dr. Love…

Whitesnake and Dr. Love in one workout. It was hair band heaven.

9 years ago

Don’t feel bad…this isn’t my real hair, so my name doesn’t make much sense either.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

DT is confused. So you go around with a wig on during F3?

9 years ago

Indeed, it’s all about the image. It’s all about the Theatre of Pain.

Wait. Wrong hair band.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

TOP – Nice. I always failed on their songs on Guitar Hero. lol

9 years ago

Great Q Hoff. Enjoyed the pain of my first Olympus visit. I’ll be back. And i think it was Gene.

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