Pre- Blast – The Inital Launch of The Brave

  • When:10/10/2014
  • QIC: Madame Tussauds / Champagne
  • The PAX: All interested in running and obstacles

Pre- Blast – The Inital Launch of The Brave

logoSo you are getting ready for the upcoming Spartan or Tough Mudder race and wondering where is the best place to post to get ready. Or are you looking for more running with some fun “distractions” thrown in for good measure. Or maybe you are just a glutton for punishment. Look no further – you have found your spot – The Brave – starting Friday October 10th, will launch Fridays at 5:15am for a full hour of fun. We will launch from The Vine (same location as Swift, Bagpipe, Stonehenge).

YHC will be Q this week.

Also, keep an eye out for preblasts and tweets as we will do pre-work “clinics” as well.

This week, meet at 4:55 am at The Vine and we will mosey over to the exercise trail for some rope climbing instruction lead by Madame Tussaud

See you in the Gloom


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Cheese Curd
9 years ago

I am in, for 515…I think…but 455, really??? When do you sleep?

Ickey Shuffle
9 years ago

Should I bring the cement block to practice the tractor pull? We broke the chain at Olympus but I can tie a rope around it.

9 years ago

I will be posting somewhere near Marshville tomorrow (Home of Randy Travis), and will regrettably miss the first installment of F3/Thigh Burn. Remember the Aloe.

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
9 years ago

Randy Traywick to the locals

Ickey Shuffle
Reply to  Tiger-Rag
9 years ago

Beware of inebriated, aging country music stars driving Trans-Ams.

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